The best online vape shops

These best online vape shops below are not handpicked after a long and thorough analysis. Take it as a memo when I find an online vape site that interests me. I may be interested in price, product types or delivery.

Some of the best online vape shops that I find in my research. To find cheap mods, liquids, and other stuff.

If you have any good online vape shops that are very competitive on price or whatever, then contact me. Note that in general, no French site is on this list. Because they are too expensive for the majority. Regardless of the site whether it is based in China, Malaysia, England or the United States or elsewhere.

New Vaping

Very good Chinese site based in England. I even wrote an article about this newcomer to the best online vape shops. At first I was skeptical. But today, it’s the second best online vape site in all of England. Good price on most products, nicotine salts often at knockdown prices. Good after-sales service and fairly decent deliveries. It also offers products a little more punchy like those from VaperzCloud. The only downside is that it only stores a few items. So stocks are often limited.

Electric Tobacconist

Electric Tobacconist is what you might call an online tobacconist, but one that focuses on vaping. He also sells Big Tobacco products like My Blu which is very popular in England. Here again, it is the prices of e-liquids that are really interesting. Thus, it offers kits for beginners with 3 liquids offered. This is a UK site. Often times, this is one of the best online vape shops that offer great prices.

Mechs Direct

Mechs Direct is a UK site that offers Mech mods, mostly clones. We believe that the mech vaping with a Dripper is the best vape that exists. But the prices of Mech mods can get you out of your pants backwards. This site offers Mecha clones with prices around £ 40. To use Mech, you must know your ohm law, know the safety of your batteries (generally, we prefer Sony VTC 5A for the Mech).

But since they are clones, you need to be able to take the mod apart entirely and check all the parts to see if there is any rust, loose contact, etc. Basically, if you don’t know what I’m talking about in this paragraph, then this site isn’t for you.


Anyone who has bought vape online knows about FastTech, considered one of the best online vape shops based in Hong Kong. Present for several, he is still loyal to the post. But with the arrival of many better online vape shops, the prices aren’t as attractive anymore. We find cheaper than FastTech nowadays.

In addition, the post-covid-19 era put him to the ground, because often shipping do not work or are very long. But the advantage of FastTech is the variety of products. We find the best and the worst. Most of the brands are present. And when it does, it ship worldwide.


A very good rival of FastTech. Sourcemore is known to cut prices. And if you know the coupons (you have them if you are one of their affiliates) then you sometimes have prices of -50% right out of the product. However, be careful with pre-orders on Sourcemore, as you may wait a very long time. This is a Chinese site. But it is recommended as one of the cheapest and best online vape shops.

Everything Liquid

Everything Liquid offers you everything you need to create your DIY liquids. PG / VG, nicotine, aromas, accessories. The site is well done, pleasant to use. The prices are correct, although you can always find cheaper. The great thing about this site is that it gives you everything in one place if you are new to DIY e-liquid. This is a UK site.


RainbowVapes is a British vaping site that used to offer a lot of cheap products. You often have big promotions to stock up on cash. And destocking allows you to have old mods for rock bottom prices. So he often offers 100ml liquids for less than £ 10.


PunkJuices is a Malaysian site that I found while looking for nicotine salts. It offers both Malaysian and American liquids. And the special thing is that it can offer you nicotine salts in 35 and 50 mg. For those looking for large doses of nicotine, this may be of interest. Its shipping methods are quite good, even if sometimes you have to go through a paid relay service like Aramex.

But it’s clearly a site that I keep in the back of my mind. Despite sometimes slightly higher prices, I especially appreciated the speed of their service. As I made a mistake in the delivery method, they contacted me within minutes via Whatsapp. And after some explanation, they canceled my order and refunded me immediately. The quality of service and the speed of responses is an important criterion to stand out among the best online vape shops.