For Vaping Brands, How to send me your product for a review

If you want me to review your products, you can send it to me. I created this blog to talk about my experience of vaping in Madagascar. But I was often contacted by brands to do reviews. I am not an expert and especially, it will be difficult for you to send me stuff, because as I said, I live in Madagascar and the delivery’s costs can be pricy.

But if you are brands and you still want to send me products, you can send it to me at the address below. Explain me the purpose of the product. Is the vaping product made for beginners, for Cloud Chasing, etc.?

Regarding liquids, I do not know if they pass the customs.

My address below to send me your products (contact me before the sending to get a tracking ID) :

  • Houssen Mohsinaly
  • Lot IVW 5A – Anosizato Est
  • Antananarivo 101 – Madagascar
Good deals of the week

The Brunhilde MTL from Vapefly

The Brunhilde MTL RTA from Vapefly is the MTL variant of the famous Top Coiler of the same name. 5 ml of capacity, German quality metal rods come to draw the liquid. An RDTA that can become one of the best MTLs on the market. The first Brunhilde had caused a sensation and this variant MTL have the potentiel to do the same. $ 33.90 $ 49.99 on Sourcemore with the coupon BMR.

33,90 dollars on Sourcemore with the coupon BMR

Hellvape MD RTA

Hellvape’s MD RTA is the new MTL bomb from Hellvape. Inaugurating a turntable on the deck, this RTA allows you to configure your Airflow to the smallest detail. The reviews are unanimous, because the MD RTA offers flavors superior to tanks like Kayfun which is not a lesser compliment. It is considered as one of the best MTL of 2019. And you can have it on Sourcemore for 29.99 $ 17.39 $.

17,39 $ on Sourcemore with the coupon HVMD