Anti-vaping: Paul Blokhuis, the dumbest Dutch in the world?

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    I think Paul Blokhuis deserves the title of dumbest Dutchman in the world. Not that the Dutch are the most intelligent in normal times, but Paul Blokhuis deserves to have a Guinness record for stupidity. Secretary of State for Health of the Netherlands, he has just banned all flavored e-liquids in the Netherlands. And we have the same propaganda with the use of EVALI or that “children must be protected”.

    These same little idiots of children who can use drugs and go to hookers in the Netherlands. Well done, you fucking asshole, Paul Blokhuis. Your fucking country legalizes drugs and no offense to some, marijuana destroys neurons and I think Paul Blokhuis abuses it daily to be so stupid. But on the other hand, you ban products that save lives and that effectively fight against the most dangerous scourge of modern society, smoking.

    But these are trial balloons for the next TPD 3.0, all countries will adopt similar measures. Blessed are the British who will allow the vape to develop at full power. Paul Blokhuis will destroy hundreds of vape shops in Holland and put thousands of people out of work. But at the same time, he got paid by Bloomberg for it.

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