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    We have thousands of stupid articles on the vape. The electronic cigarette is demonized on all sides. But Braden MacBeth’s article, Vape Nation: Vaping Is Bad, Kids, published on March 29, 2019, is arguably the worst article ever written about vaping. Braden MacBeth has no experience with addiction, tobacco, or pneumology. He is a computer science student going to medical school. This means that he is learning how to install WordPress.

    The article is so dishonest and it is amazing to see that a site that wants to rely on scientific evidence is a scientific fraud a to z. The website should change his name to Bullshit based on Nonsense. Dyacetyl, popcorn disease, the statements of the US Surgeon, everything goes to denigrate the vape. You take a pile of excrement, mix it with vomit, add menstrual blood, and shape yourself into a man and you will get Braden MacBeth.

    But this article is quite predictable, as it is a tactic widely used by NGOs and anti-vape associations to use a fuse to spew their hatred and fascism. I tell you, if one day, this son of a bitch, this pustule on legs becomes a doctor, then run away at full speed because it will kill you and your children. Medicine is full of corrupt and incompetent peoples, science is full of corrupt and incompetent peoples and Braden MacBeth is the quintessence.

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