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    Our weak-minded person of the day is Liz Klein, a researcher at Ohio State University. In rotten paper like her university, she claims that the marketing of vaping on social networks endangers the health of games. You should already explain to me how an advertisement can damage the health of young people. A quick look at her shitty profile tells us that she is a researcher who specializes in tobacco reduction.

    If she had an ounce of brains, Liz Klein would understand that vaping is the best tool for reducing smoking and that there is not a particle of tobacco in vape products. But let’s not forget that she is in Ohio, a state whose average IQ does not exceed that of macaques. Because she confuses the danger of tobacco and nicotine. The study is moldy to perfection.

    On the one hand, only confirmed vapers follow vaping brands on social networks. These brands are not promoted by social networks, because these networks are as anti-vaping and puritanical as the whole clique like Liz Klein. Nicotine is as dangerous as caffeine. When will a study show that coffee ads on social networks endanger the health of young people? Nicotine has never killed anyone, it does not cause any disease, nicotine is just an addictive substance. But for weak-minded people and assholes like Liz Klein, it’s hard to make a difference.

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