How to buy your vaping’s stuff internationally from Madagascar (France, China, Malaysia)

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  • How much does it cost to buy your vaping’s stuff in France, China or Malaysia from Madagascar. With Vap’Extrême which is the only site in France that can ship to Madagascar, let’s say it’s not cheap. And buying in China or Malaysia is more of a lottery.

    How much does it cost to buy your vaping's stuff in France, China or Malaysia from Madagascar. With Vap'Extrême which is the only site in France that can ship to Madagascar, let's say it's not cheap. And buying in China or Malaysia is more of a lottery.
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    Vaping is developing at its own pace in Madagascar. I would say there are a few hundred vapingrs across the country. So it’s a minority, but buying vaping in Madagascar remains an obstacle course and the arrival of the Covid-19 has broken everything again. If you find local vendors, then that’s always better. It will be cheaper and you can order whatever you want. If you are attempting the adventure of buying vaping’s stuff internationally, be aware that there may be losses, parcels not arrived or lost and the shipping costs are monstrous.

    In China, FastTech and Sourcemore

    If you are buying from China then you can use sites like FastTech or Sourcemore. They ship to Madagascar and the shipping costs depend on the carrier. On Fasttech you can choose different carriers. They even have DHL which starts at $ 40 for shipping. You also have the classic postal service which will cost you between 4 and 10 dollars for your package.

    Again, it depends on the weight and the chosen carrier. But FastTech is a good choice. Because for a purchase exceeding 20 dollars, then you have the tracking and that is very important. When buying internationally, make sure you have tracking to track your package. Be careful, shipping times are very, very variable. I ordered from FastTech in 2019 and received the package in 26 days on average. But that was before the covid.

    Today it will take several months. Because the package will go through several countries and each country is idling. For example, I ordered vaping products for around $ 55 from Fasttech on September 4, 2020 and as of this writing, September 13, 2020, the tracking has yet to be recorded!

    So international shipping are really luck. But you will have cheaper prices and a wide variety of products. All types of atomizers, wire, etc. Never buy e-liquid in China! Sourcemore is even slower, but his promotions are monstrous. He will calculate the shipping costs according to the country.

    And for Madagascar, we are around 5 to 10 dollars. When you buy from Sourcemore, the advice is to buy the products in stock. Never buy pre-order vaping products (the most recent ones), because you will be waiting a long time to receive the order.

    There are a lot of vaping sites in China, but FastTech and Sourcemore are the most reliable.

    In France, only Vap’Extrême

    It will be quickly done. There is only one French vaping site that delivers to Madagascar and that is Vap’Extrême. Before lockdown, there was the Petit Vapoteur which delivered to Madagascar via Colissimo, but it is over. The country has been removed from the list. When it shipped to Madagascar, the Petit Vapoteur offered a shipping cost of 17 euros. Depending on your purchase, this could drop to 15 euros. I don’t know why he left Madagascar because he is losing clients.

    I had already bought from them twice and when it comes to Colissimo, it happens by Colis Express Madagascar, headquartered in Antanimena. It doesn’t happen in the mail. Usually it was really fast, around 10 days and you pay postage around 15,000 Ariary. Frankly, I am quite disgusted that LPV no longer serves the Big Island.

    Vap’Extrême can also deliver to Madagascar and I made a test basket to make sure. It should be understood that Madagascar is in zone C of Colissimo (sometimes in zone 6). The shipping costs of Vap’Extrême for Madagascar are nasty, 35 euros! Double the Petit Vapoteur at the time. Vap’Extrême is best known for its premium wire and coils.

    I had been waiting for a long time for him to deliver in the area, previously he only offered Fedex and UPS and let’s say the prices were such that it would be cheaper for me to rent a private jet, to go to France, to disembark in Auvergne and take the products directly in the Vap’Extrême room.

    35 euros is still too much, but it is playable. And above all, it is the only one in France that delivers to Madagascar. If we make a large order, then that can compensate a little. As the Petit Vapoteur threw in the towel, I should fall back on Vap’Extrême. Note that I have not tested. I don’t know if this happens by Colis Express or regular mail.

    In England, Vapeclub, Vaping101 and Ecigone

    The English vaping sector is very developed and several British sites offer deliveries, almost in the world. So, I have tested baskets at Vapeclub, Vaping101 and Ecigone and they all work! I even contacted Vapeclub and they confirmed to me that they could deliver to Madagascar.

    These sites use Royal Mail which is the main postal service in England. And delivery costs are around 11 to 12 pounds sterling. Obviously, it depends on the weight of your package. But it is still cheaper compared to other European sites. Moreover, as the British vape is very developed, the vape sites are in fierce competition and we can find good deals. Obviously, the British pound is a historically strong currency, so converting to local currency or euros can get expensive, but if they ship to Madagascar then it’s worth a try.

    In Malaysia, Vaping Vandal and Punk Juice

    Malaysian juices don’t have the best reputation. They are so sweet and loaded with aromas that they can kill coils in a matter of days. But again, you have to scour the world to find sites that actually ship internationally. In 2018, I bought on Vaping Vandal to test and the liquid arrived after 3 months! It was invapable. Because this type of liquid does not resist very long. But it worked back then.

    I also discovered Punk Juices which ships to Madagascar and they also offer nicotine salts in 35 and 50 mg. This may be of interest to those looking for the big dose. Again, I don’t know how long it takes and if the liquidsd are actually coming. I just made baskets to see if they deliver and they do for about $ 4 depending on the amount of cash. In fact, Punk Juices goes through Aramex, but it is much more expensive and we are not always guaranteed that this happens, because Aramex does not deliver packages related to vaping (I tested, it is listed on their list of “unacceptable” products, e-liquid, gear, etc.). But Punk Juices, let’s say, gets around this ban …

    Attention to the postal office and the customs in Madagascar on the vaping

    One very important thing when you buy vaping in China or Malaysia from Madagascar is that it will arrive by postal office. Before covid-19, packages used a lead, but they arrived. Since covid, I have two of my packages that are lost in limbo.

    I think they’ve arrived, but here the post does not deliver to your doorstep, we deliver an arrival notice to you and then you pick it up at the post office. Except someone must have forgotten to warn me or there weren’t any employees to do it. And after a while (it’s been over 5 months), the post office destroys the packages. So, this is something to consider. Then, as long as you buy from outside the country, you have customs taxes that apply. The tax is 49%, so yeah, it hurts.

    I have always paid my taxes. This tax is valid for all products, vaping or not. You’re exempt when the package is less than $ 20, but I don’t see the point of buying something in China, going around the world, for 20 bucks.

    Sometimes you can lower the price slightly if they see you pay every time. But that 49% you have to factor into your purchase price. So if you buy from FastTech and add the shipping cost and customs tax then it is really very expensive. That’s why I’m saying buying locally if you have good sellers is necessarily the best solution.

    In conclusion

    Shopping online in Madagascar has always been an obstacle course and covid has made it worse. All the logistics and transportation globally is broken and I don’t think it’s going to be going again anytime soon. If you are buying vaping products like atomizers, coils or wires then FastTech and Sourcemore are the best solution. If you want good quality wire and builder coils, go to Vap’Extrême.

    Its shipping costs are expensive, but with a group purchase it can pass. For anything e-liquid, you can try your luck with Malaysia, but I would recommend local vendors. On Facebook there are a few that sell liquids and nicotine salts and trust me, it will come back to you a lot cheaper.

    Madagascar must make efforts on international transport and delivery. The post office works well, but it is more and more moribund. We have to renew the service, because with the opening of the country to the international market with online payments and all the fuss, it has to open up from all sides.

    If you have any Chinese, French or Malaysian sites that deliver to Madagascar, you can tell in the comments. But I am looking for real deliveries. It is of no use if you request third-party services which are more expensive than all carriers on the market or you offer Fedex or DHL which are more expensive than a private jet. Shipping costs should be affordable with fairly quick delivery times.

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