Electronic cigarette against the kingdom of Thugs in white coats

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  • The demonization of the electronic cigarette shows absolute corruption in all areas of science and medicine. A rot that puts on white blouse after white blouse to hide the gangrene of his body.

    The demonization of the electronic cigarette shows absolute corruption in all areas of science and medicine. A rot that puts on white blouse after white blouse to hide the gangrene of his body.

    You have left an abandoned house for years. It belongs to you, but it pisses you off. This is something that will need to be dealt with later. One day, you realize that the stench of the house spreads like Clinton’s speech to neoliberals. And you decide to enter the house, a pestilential smell assails you. Moss and rot crack the walls and you realize you need a damn detergent to clean up this shit.

    You go to the supermarket and you find a new detergent, very effective and proven time and time again. You spray it all over the house and hear hissing sounds like creatures are burning under the cleaning agent. The house seems cleaner, but the rot seems to come back through every pore. You are prevented from using the cleaning agent, indicating that it is too dangerous, that the house is going to collapse, that it is too rotten to the core. The house is your body, the rot is the smoking and the detergent is the electronic cigarette.

    Smoking is an abandoned rot. Nobody talks about it, nobody fights against it. Except for the crap of associations and NGOs who pretend to be fighting with radically ineffective tobacco-free months, just to get the subsidies until next year. The electronic cigarette has started to melt smoking, difficult, the shit is well encrusted on the walls, but it gets there little by little.

    But decay does not want die, it returns by other ways, in particular by putting on a white coat and becoming junk scientists. Cockroaches and scribblers of the worst kind to attack the electronic cigarette, because we must not touch the rot, because it is now part of us. Vaping has been a cleaning agent of corruption at all levels between tobacco control, governments, scientists and doctors. And when the rot burns, then they go crazy, like a kind of ISIS running around, trying to save the rot at any cost.

    The electronic cigarette allows you to quit smoking, this is a certainty in 18 % of the cases. The patch and the gum allow you to stop smoking in 8 % of cases and brutal cessation allows you to stop in 2 % of cases. It is therefore obvious that in ambient rot, the thing effective at 18 % is prohibited. The electronic cigarette has no negative effect on health, all those who say the opposite are incompetent, scammers and corrupt, take your choice. And in Absurdiland, we have lunatics who want to ban electronic cigarettes.

    The cleaning agent informs us that the majority of American states are in debt up to their necks with tobacco companies. And the Americans must continue to smoke like chimneys otherwise these states go bankrupt. How can we be surprised then that governments, scoundrels in the genetic sense and prostitutes on fag, hurry to ban electronic cigarettes?

    The cleaning agent informs us that an anti-vaping researcher is guilty of sexual harassment. He loved the idea of ​​tilting young women to admire their ass. A researcher who recruits a American Native just to get the grant quota and throw it away like a Tampax. The scientific and medical community protected this researcher like the apple of his eye because vaping had to be demonized.

    The cleaning agent tells us that India is banning the electronic cigarette because it does not want to lose billions of dollars in tobacco tax. Government gangsters in India own 28 % of the largest tobacco company in the country.

    Rot is everywhere. You have a world where fathers recommend that their children smoke rather than vape. You have doctors who tell you to smoke because vaping is more dangerous. How do you want people to trust science and medicine ? Afterwards, these same cockroaches in white coats cry that people are wary of vaccines and that they prefer to take sugar pills, because at least the scam is proven.

    Science is corrupt to the core. It would be a miracle if 0.5 % of true scientists were found among the millions of assholes who have a damn profile on Google Scholar. They are scribblers, bureaucrats, bad guys of the worst kind who use the white coats to give themselves a semblance of dignity. Douchebags and bitches, behaving like mafia, ignoring the basis of the scientific method, calculating statistics like economists still believing in full employment. Astrologers who pretend to line up numbers to make themselves look scientific.

    And what about the mass media, hyenas and polecats, who lick the ass of the bitch with clickbait, who watches you vape with horrified eyes, telling you that you are going to die like shit, waiting for you to react to scream like from bitches to press freedom. Freedom to grime, fueled by clicks and advertising. Hyenas who deserve a bullet in the head and a mag in the body, just to be sure.

    While we vapers just wanted to quit smoking.

    The Inconvenient Vaping

    Understanding the political and ideological issues against electronic cigarettes

    Vaping is a smoking cessation tool, but it is under attack from all sides. If you think electronic cigarettes are dangerous or don’t work, then this book will change your mind.

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