Farewell to American vaping industry with Biden

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  • The American vaping industry has been living his last days with the arrival of Biden to power.

    While ’s victory is almost certain, it does mean that the American industry has been living his last weeks in the current state. Biden has always been against vaping and he has said he will ban it until “there is evidence to show that it not harmful.” A cut-and-paste phrase from Big Pharma who is one of the major donors to his campaign. Let’s not forget that in Obama’s days, vaping was considered a hard drug and it took Trump’s arrival to loosen the laws.

    As Biden is but an empty shell, sounding board for the deep state and big financial interests, the will be strengthened. It is already under Trump, as US Customs already seize and destroy thousands of vaping products that are not PMTA compliant. Paradoxically, cannabis and arguably will have a boulevard ahead of them with Biden in power. He’s not going to legalize the sale of weed in grocery stores, but he’s not going to criminalize it either.

    It is a very dark day for the American vaping industry who has already lived through two hellish years because of totally corrupt scientists and doctors. Today this totally corrupt science and medicine now has an equally corrupt politician. The American vaping will go underground, the black market will develop with the risks that this implies. Thousands of small vape shops are going to shut down and a whole informal industry will be decapitated. All this to put an old man in a wheelchair to power.

    It’s a sad picture of the situation.

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