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  • Payoneer and Skrill seem to be good alternatives to Paypal, as both are based in UK which is pro-vape.

    Payoneer and Skrill seem to be good alternatives to Paypal, as both are based in UK which is pro-vape.

    With Paypal banning vaping with all its might, vape shops must have a few alternatives to Paypal under their belt. Even if you’re not impacted by the Paypal ban, a good e-commerce site should have a spare or two in case it gets stuck.


    Skrill is undoubtedly the main alternative for vaping to Paypal. One of the reasons is that this is a company based in UK and it is very pro-vape. The same goes for Payoneer. However, in its terms of use, Skrill prohibits tobacco products, but I think vaping can pass.

    The big advantage of Skrill is that it offers good solutions for merchants. You can integrate them on your site through your developer or if you know how to use APIs. Skrill’s transaction fees are also cheaper than Paypal’s.


    Payoneer is the number 1 platform for Freelancers. As a Freelancer in Madagascar, I cannot use Paypal, because the latter, in addition to being a patented asshole on vaping, is a racist of the worst kind by systematically banning poor countries.

    Payoneer isn’t exactly made for e-commerce sites, but rather for intermediaries. All freelancers who make money from vaping and get paid by Paypal can use Payoneer.

    And the others ? Wordpay, TransferWise, etc

    There are many alternatives to Paypal today. We can cite platforms like WordPay or Stripe, but they are all American companies. Biden is an anti-vaping motherfucker of the worst kind, and everything American will have to be avoided during his presidency.

    Because the federal government will be able to attack anything closely related to vaping on American territory. So, we can no longer trust the American companies associated with vaping. UK looks more and more like a vaping paradise and companies will be more inclined to accept vape shops. However, whichever Paypal alternative you choose, take your information carefully. And don’t sign up lightly, contact the payment company directly to make sure they accept the sale of vaping products.

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