Sourcemore, new victim of the Paypal ban on vaping

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  • Sourcemore, a Chinese site popular to buy vaping products has had its Paypal account frozen. The site tries to get around the ban by offering other payment methods.

    Sourcemore, a Chinese site popular to buy vaping products has had its Paypal account frozen. The site tries to get around the ban by offering other payment methods.

    Paypal’s ban on vaping continues. Currently, hundreds of vape sites, which relied on Paypal, have been beheaded. FastTech, Everzon, the British sites, we have a real Paypal cabal which is directed against vaping. Knowing that in the United States, there is still no law that prohibits vaping.

    This time it’s Sourcemore’s turn whose Paypal account has been frozen. Its funds have been blocked for 180 days and this is a real bottleneck for a site where the majority of customers rely on Paypal. Because if the account was suspended, but the owner could recover the funds, then it would still be bitchy, but acceptable. Here, it’s a big chunk of a site’s cash flow that gets stuck for 3 months, an eternity in a market as fast as vaping.

    Sourcemore is a vaping site whose particularity is that its prices can be very reduced compared to its competitors. Its main drawback is that its delivery times are really long, especially for pre-orders. But its catalog is really complete and you can find most of the new products.

    Sourcemore has announced that it will temporarily bypass the PayPal ban through Western Union. When paying, choose Western Union, the order will be pending and then contact Sourcemore on for more information. It means a lot more steps to pay with Paypal, when ease was its hallmark. Many users will just give up rather than go through these extra steps.

    Sourcemore is also announcing that it will soon allow payment by credit card. The site should have predicted this a long time ago, because the Paypal ban began in September 2020. Since accepting credit cards on an e-commerce site takes a long time, you always need to have back-up plans.

    We’ve had a coordinated attack on vaping since Biden became the new president. On the one hand, Paypal who attack on anything that related closely or remotely linked to vaping. And on the other hand, you have the major carriers that are also banning vaping. We have USPS which no longer delivers vaping products since December 2020, Fedex will also ban it from March 2021, UPS will certainly follow. Only DHL remains which is a German company, but given the anti-vaping climate that currently exists in Germany, then it could also ban vaping products.

    There will remain only the postal services of the different countries (except the USA) whose delivery times are much longer. We can no longer buy vaping products because of the ban of Paypal and when we manage to buy them without Paypal, the main carriers no longer deliver them. This is called a perfectly organized and well-rounded plot to destroy vaping for good.

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