The Simpsons and anti-vaping propaganda

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  • Like what, the anti-vape propaganda did not wait until 2019 to attack the electronic cigarette.

    Like what, the anti-vape propaganda did not wait until 2019 to attack the electronic cigarette.

    The Simpsons and Southpark are popular series. I like both, even if I don’t follow them closely, because we have other things to fuck apart from spending our days following these shows. Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch an episode of The Simpsons on vaping, which aired in 2015, this is the 20th episode of the 26th season titled Let’s Go Fly a Coot.

    The Simpsons have lost some of their quality over the past few years and this one is no exception. The episode revolves around Bart trying to vape, after a Dutch cousin of Milhouse made him want to vape. The vaping is represented by an electronic cigarette, something in the shape of a real fag.

    We can understand such a lack of knowledge about vaping, since the episode dates from 2015 and at the time, the Cigalikes were the most common models. But at no point does The Simpsons talk about smoking cessation, at no time does it indicate its effectiveness in quitting smoking. It’s all about the poison and it’s a trick to get kids to smoking.

    The Simpsons have often been accused of spreading the propaganda of the power in place and we can say that this episode on vaping is a perfect demonstration of that. Also, there weren’t any other episodes to try to put things right. This should lead us to think that the American anti-vaping did not wait until 2019 to ban vaping, the work of undermining is like that of a termite mound, it starts particle of wood by particle of wood, but at the end, the result is that an entire house can collapse.

    From the outside, the collapse is thought to be inexplicable, but it’s when you look into the woods that you discover the culprits. The vape did nothing in the opposite direction. His pro-vape counterattack was content with honeyed statements by a few people who nobody cared about. No one lobbied politicians to force them to consider. Even today, while the American vaping is entirely destroyed, a large part of American vapers and organizations pretend to see nothing and act as if nothing has happened.

    The Inconvenient Vaping

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