Vaping sites suspended by american web hosting?

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  • A businessman/vaper said that several of his vaping sites have been suspended by web hosting compagnies in the United States.

    A businessman/vaper said that several of his vaping sites have been suspended by web hosting company in the United States.

    VaperJoe, the webmaster of Vaping Underground, one of the largest vaping forums, said on Facebook that several of his vaping sites have been suspended by his web hosting. It was probably vaping sale sites and the suspension came from 2 different web hosting. Vaping With Vic details the case in one of his videos.

    For the moment, there is only this guy who is affected, but that means that the attack against vaping is more serious than I thought. I always said that a vaping site was the best way to stay free, because YouTube and Facebook could not only censor, but delete all the vaping’s contents overnight.

    But the suspension of a site by a web hosting is really an unprecedented attack. You really have to commit serious crimes to get to that point. If an American state completely banned vaping on its territory, then a server based on that state, will also remove all the sites that sell vaping’s stuff.

    And since vaping is now banned in much of the US, then the only way to be safe is to host your site in Europe. In any case, outside the US, that’s for sure. And if they do not hesitate to suspend entire sites, then we can just imagine what will happen to Facebook or Google. However, it does not matter, because a site can be migrated to another web host. We can not say the same thing about a YouTube channel or Facebook.

    Again, this only concerns a particular case, but it will have to be vigilant. Maybe these web hosting are overzealous, but it is very bad news.

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