What is the best drill for coil building ?

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  • What type of drill is suitable for coil building. Prefer models with a good speed control and the cordless drill.

    What type of drill is suitable for coil building. Prefer models with a good speed control and the cordless drill.

    In coil building, a drill is an accessory that quickly comes up on your shopping list. In fact as soon as you get down to the clapton, you’ll need a drill. A few things to keep in mind before purchasing your drill.

    Good brand or Chinese?

    Any drill will do the job. You don’t need to buy a 400 bucks DeWalt drill. You have Chinese drills that you can find starting at $ 50. However, when you take brands like DeWalt, Makita or Bosch, you have much higher reliability and durability.

    And as in the cordless models, the batteries are compatible between the models of the same range, you can create an array of drills without spending too much. The first purchase will be the heaviest, because you will have to buy the complete kit with batteries and charger and for the good brands, there is nothing less than 150 dollars. But you also have Chinese drills if you are on a more than tight budget. And that’s what I took.

    Speed control above all else

    Coil building with a drill is first a matter of mastery and therefore, of slowness. Of course, once you’ve mastered the clapton, you can do it with your eyes closed, scratching your balls with one hand and holding the spool with the other. But at first, it will be a claptonpocalyspe if your drill goes too fast. So, especially check that the drill has a speed settings. Low-end models do not have one.

    For my part, I had so little money that I got myself a corded drill. It has a reverse position which is practical, but it goes from 0 to 2700 rpm which you will admit is crap when you start in coil building. In general, good drills have two speeds, one from 0 to 400 rpm and the other from 0 to its maximum speed. Mine is from the “Pigeon” brand … already I should have been wary and it is a Chinese brand.

    And this is the problem with the corded drill, because in my opinion they are too powerful for coil buiding. You just can’t get a speed slow enough to control the clapton and the desired angle.

    Cordless drill, the best for coil building

    A cordless drill automatically fixes the speed problem, because in essence, they will be slower than corded models. In addition, it can be placed flat on the table or the floor. While on a corded drill, you will have to put it on a vise that will be attached to a table or something (you put it upside down on the vise).

    Obviously, the price of a cordless drill is double that of a corded model. So, if we still take the Pigeon brand, then its cordless drill is around $ 100 while my corded model, I bought it around $ 25. Of course, maybe you have access to some affordable cordless drills and in that case, don’t hesitate, prefer the cordless model above all. However, a powerful corded drill will be necessary in the coil building in your journey. Especially when you’re doing micro-clapton which is a lot more annoying and needs it to spin at lightning speed.

    The accessories

    The drill won’t do everything, as you will need good fishing swivels for anything clapton, fused clapton, and alien. A support to fix these swivels and various accessories to hold the wires together. Glasses with a magnifying glass are also a plus when you want to check the quality of your coil building.


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