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  • Some predictions of vaping in 2021, pod mods in spades and undoubtedly the most anti-vaping year that we will have for a long time.

    Some predictions of vaping in 2021, pod mods in spades and undoubtedly the most anti-vaping year that we will have for a long time.

    The Chinese New Year and the ensuing lockdown in China and Europe destroyed much of the industry. Many products that should have been released earlier this year are only coming out now. But despite the pandemic and the total destruction of international deliveries, vaping continued to survive. The pods will not have survived the pangolin. The fashion for pods is coming to an end as well as that for AIOs. Some brands will continue to play on it, such as Smok with the Nord or Uwell with its Caliburn.

    Main trend of 2021, pod mods

    But Chinese brands have found another toy with pod mods. Launched in 2020 with the Drag X, the pod mod allows you to have a vape in DL while having a compact device. Some companies have tried to suck this marrow out by even releasing dual-battery pod mods, but it has been a flop. The pod mod will remain in mono battery, playing on the autonomy of the 21700. Voopoo and Lost Vape currently dominate the pod mod market. The Drag X which is already starting to blend in with the crowd, but it’s mostly Lost Vape, during the end of the year, swings the URSA.

    Lost Vape’s URSA heralds a trend in pod mods with accessories. Because you cannot improve this concept indefinitely and the only way is to add lots of accessories. The Lost Vape URSA offers a tank with UB and UB Pro coils, an 510 adapter, an RBA base and its chipset allows you to vape in power mode, temperature control and even in Bypass. This is a single battery mod that uses a sub-ohm tank. The only mistake of this pod mod is that the RBA base should have been an RDTA like a Jester Pod or like the Drag X.

    But when we look at URSA, we see that we cannot go further in innovation. This is a dead end and we have to start again with mono and double battery mods. The vape is an eternal restart, you have the fashion of Drippers, RTAs, pods, pod mods, mods and it starts again in the other direction. Given the success of URSA and Drag X, we can assume that the whole of 2021 will be marked by pod mods.

    The year of the RTA

    On the rebuildable, 2020 was the year of the RTA, the Drippers were going missing and the RTAs will continue for several months in 2021. It is repeated that many brands were unable to release their products on time. The Drippers are going to come back, because this is part of the usual cycle.

    For me, who still vapes in RTA, we can say that it has been a great year. The Druga, the Supreme V3, the Ragnar, today we have some very nice RTAs that can suit all vapers. Vaperz Cloud and Suicide Mods were alone in the field in 2020 with their drippers be it the Valhalla, the Temple or the Nightmare.

    Despite a year of shit, we see that vaping continues its path. There have been disruptions, but we have products for each type of vaper. Even though the fashion for pods is over, there are still plenty of models on the market that may be suitable for smokers. For fans of rebuildable, we got what it takes from Hellvape, Vaperz Cloud or Damn Vape who brought us the RDA Mongrel. And for the cloud hunters, we had the Hammer of God and the big Vaperz Cloud drippers.

    2021, anti-vaping on all levels

    2021 promises to be the most anti-vaping year in the history of vaping. First, we have Biden, a senile old man at White House, who promised to ban vaping in the early days of his tenure. Its vice-president, Kamala Harris, is even crazier, because she is entirely corrupted by Big Pharma and we can see her belching against the vape that destroys poor children.

    The Trump administration has not prevented the PMTA from being enforced and this law will be strengthened in 2021. This means that a large part of Chinese products will no longer be on the market. This implies a concentration of big companies, therefore a monopoly and therefore, a bad point for the consumer. Slowly, but surely, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco are having a grip on American vaping. American industry will be totally destroyed, that’s for sure.

    It’s not better on the other side of the Atlantic. The European Union is gearing up for the next TPD and let’s say the leader of the debate, Michèle Rivasi, is divine level anti-vape stupidity. She’s the worst anti-vape of all and she’s the one who wants to lead the TPD. The lobbies and the weakness of the European vape will ban vaping as we know it. Ban on flavors, massive taxation and regulations that are entirely designed to destroy the vape for its effectiveness against smoking.

    Australia is leading by example by banning nicotine completely, except under prescription. For enthusiasts, they will always find a path like in Jurassic Park. Clandestine vaping will develop with the risks that this implies. This will further demonize the vape. But there is a country that can become a vaping paradise.

    England, vaping paradise in 2021 and beyond?

    On this planet rotted by Big Pharma, corrupt governments, there is one country that is still pro-vaping and that is England. And finally, England leaves the European Union, Brexit is finalized and on January 1, 2021, England is finally free after 30 years of Europeanist imprisonment.

    Currently, the British vaping law is inspired by the TPD, but it will be able to rewrite it after the brexit and have an even more free sector, especially on the limitation of nicotine. We can’t predict anything at the moment. But the Conservatives have a laissez-faire policy on vaping while Labor is anti-vaping to the death.

    I have said this many times, but if England keeps their current law, then it will always be more welcoming after TPD 3.0. What makes England can become a vacuum for the vaping industry. All European vapers will buy their products and liquids in England, destroying local sectors in the process. It will be necessary to follow very closely what is happening in England.

    France, cemetery of the vape

    In France, as usual, it is a disaster. The French vape continues to show its servility by accepting everything from the Europeanist dictatorship. Vape “associations” have no power to do anything. They will swallow all the snakes of the TPD as they did in 2016.

    2020 was a particularly dark year since more than 500 french Vape shops went bankrupt out of the 2000 at the start of 2020. The number of vapers has fallen from 2.8 million to 2.5 million. As the vape is more expensive in France because of the mafia prices of e-liquids, many people have returned to the cigarette during lockdown.


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