Expromizer V5 : What to expect from this MTL RTA from Exvape ?

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  • Exvape offers us the Expromizer V5, the fifth version of its flagship RTA. What to expect from this new model.

    Exvape offers us the Expromizer V5, the fifth version of its flagship RTA. What to expect from this new model.

    The Expromizer V5 is a mix of v3 and v4 and I wonder if it can continue to capitalize on the former glory of MTL. Exvape has had a difficult 2020 like many brands. He has almost disappeared. He had released the TCX Expomizer which is the RDTA version, but it didn’t work too much.

    The Expomizer V5, new with old

    This time, it arrives with the Expomizer V5 which takes over the functions of v3 and v4. That is to say a Top Airflow and Juice Control. Juice Control has almost disappeared nowadays, it was notably found on Gate MTL. This allows you to configure the deck in the event that you use e-liquids that are too “liquid”. Feature present in the high end, very few people use it, but it’s good to have it.

    The Expromizer V5 is known for the simplicity of its deck, a simple MTL, but we have a top airflow which is much more configurable. You have a metal frame that encloses the pyrex. And this is the capacity is the negative point of Expromizer V5, because 2 ml without any pyrex bubble or extension, it is still misery for 2021 when we are used to atty that exceed 5 ml.

    Exvape offers us the Expromizer V5, the fifth version of its flagship RTA. What to expect from this new model.

    I wonder if the Expomizer V5 has aged quite a bit, although I could be wrong. After all, this is just a presentation and not a full review. Dear Exvape, if you pass by, don’t forget to send me one! Poor aging can also be explained by the fact that 2019 and 2020 were the year of MTL.

    The Expomizer V5 has plenty of competition

    Put simply, can old pots like the Expomizer V5 still make great soup. We had the Cog by Wotofo, the Pandora by Yacht, the Brunhilde MTL which still remains the Top notch. There are so many MTL RTAs on the market that you don’t know what to choose.

    However, there are still fans of Exvape and basically it was a brand that wanted to offer high end at an affordable price. However, my experience with the Expomizer V4 has been disastrous. The product was so defective I could never use it, impossible to turn the filling ring, very poor finishes, you could hear the screech of a chalk every time you unscrew the atomizer.

    We also had other issues with the TCX Expomizer and therefore, the only advice I would give to Exvape: Take care of your quality control! You have a product that can appeal to a lot of people. Despite the wave of RTAs in MTL, there is still room in this market, but take care of your products.

    Am I going to buy it? Complicated, the 2ml capacity chills me even if I understand the approach, because the bubble destroys all the aesthetics of an atty. The Expromizer V5 wants to forget about its previous failures and capitalize on its laurels. For the start of the year, that’s not bad, as there are no new products on the market. If the reviews are really good then maybe I’ll give it a try. Currently on pre-order, the Expomizer V5 is around $ 40.

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