What to expect from Hellvape’s Vertex MTL?

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  • Hellvape’s Vertex MTL offers us an atomizer with a very configurable airflow. A winning recipe?

    Hellvape's Vertex MTL offers us an atomizer with a very configurable airflow. A winning recipe?

    When we look at the Vertex MTL, we say to ourselves that the MD of Hellvape has found a new way out. The way the airflows are designed is very reminiscent of the RTA MD which had this particularity of airflow rotating on the deck. Hellvape is no longer to present and 2020 has been a good year compared to other manufacturers. The Dead Rabbit V2 whether in RTA and RDA have become the top notch for atomizers and drippers at very affordable prices.

    The Vertex MTL, an MD RTA 2.0?

    Then Hellvape played tightrope walker with the Hellbeast whose board looked odd, but featured big clouds in a double coil setup. With the Vertex MTL, Hellvape offers us a good quality RTA MTL and we could even consider it as an RTA MD 2.0. 2019 and 2020 were the years of MTL and it continues for this beginning of 2021. We can think that the trend will stop and that the Vertex MTL was more of a 2020 project which finally materialized at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

    The Vertex MTL has a capacity of 2 ml natively and a second pyrex gives us 3.5 ml of capacity. What is a good point is that we do not have the awful Bubbles, the second 3.5ml tank which helps preserve the aesthetics of the atomizer. For nicotine salts, 3.5 ml is more than sufficient.

    Adjustable airflows on the platform

    The magic of Vertex MTL takes place on its board with airflows directly above it. These airflows, you can rotate them to have the restriction you want. At the tightest, we have 0.8 mm, then we have 3 holes of 0.8 mm and finally, we have 1 x 3.2 mm which already brings us into the realm of restrictive DL. In addition to these internal airflows, we also have an external airflow with two possibilities. Either, we use the airflow with the holes ranging from 0.8 mmm to 1.6 mm.

    Hellvape's Vertex MTL offers us an atomizer with a very configurable airflow. A winning recipe?

    And we also have a Cyclop opening that can open up to 5.8mm. If I didn’t have it, this versatile airflow reminds me of the Siren V2, but the latter also had a single hole.

    Great versatility

    So a plethora of possibilities to configure the airflow on the Vertex MTL. This offers good prospects, but beware. MTL RTAs that try to be too versatile may fail in their primary goal of delivering pure MTL. Hellvape’s RTA MD was a great atty, but it went a bit unnoticed. Vertex MTL has everything to succeed where its “ancestor didn’t”.

    Obviously, we have a single configuration and the deck is quite small and therefore, no larger coil than a Fused Clapton, usually in MTL version. 2x 28 in 38 or 2 x 30 in 40 will do the trick. We are waiting for the first reviews from Vertex MTL, but it could have its audience. The main problem is that we have so many MTL RTAs on the market that we just can’t seem to give a head.

    Am I going to buy it? Honestly, Hellvape rarely disappoints on its products, so why not? I’m interested in the versatility of Vertex MTL and I could make it a secondary atty for nicotine salts. Hellvape, if you happen to be there, don’t forget to send me one to review for you! On pre-order, it’s around $ 35.

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