Uwell’s Nunchaku 2 kit review, a smashing comeback!

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  • The Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit comes back with a new version. A smashing comeback for a kit that has largely proven itself.

    The Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit comes back with a new version. A smashing comeback for a kit that has largely proven itself.

    Uwell’s Nunchaku 2 offers many improvements while keeping the secrets of its success. Unknown to the battalion a few years ago, Uwell was successful with the Nunchaku kit. As everyone started to make all the mods more square than the others, Uwell went on a tube and a tank of the same name with the Nunchaku.

    The success was massive and even today, the first kit Nunchaku is still very popular and there are still coils for the first Nunchaku tank. This shows the reliability of Uwell to maintain its range. This is one of the brands that I enjoy the most and I threw my TFV8 Baby for a Crown 4. The brand is not the most affordable, but it often keeps its promises.

    Features of the Uwell’s Nunchaku 2 mod

    Type: Tube
    Power: 5 to 100 watts
    Material: Stainless steel and polycarbonate
    Batteries: 18650, 20700, 21700
    Special feature: Power adjustment with movement

    Uwell’s Nunchaku 2 mod

    The Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit comes back with a new version. A smashing comeback for a kit that has largely proven itself.


    The Nunchaku mod 2 is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate. It is anti-dust and anti-humidity to protect the internal machinery. What stands out is its superb design, which had the success of the first model. The tube is curved in the middle, offering an excellent ergonomy. The settings screen is tiny, but perfectly visible.

    Compatible with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries!

    The great novelty of the Nunchaku 2 mod is that it is compatible with the main batteries used in vaping with the 18650, the 20700 and the 21700. Depending on your budget and autonomy needs, you can take the 18650 or pass directly to the 21700.

    The Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit comes back with a new version. A smashing comeback for a kit that has largely proven itself.

    The power of Nunchaku 2 goes from 5 to 100 watts. So it’s a fairly versatile mod and given its ergonomic shape, you can put it on a cloud chaser tank or on MTL for a very cushy vape when you come home, tired of work. This versatility of the batteries is really valuable, as it will suit all vapers.

    The Nunchaku 2 kit is available in blue, black, silver and rainbow. I’m eyeing the rainbow and blue versions because it’s beautiful. The Fire button is scattered right in the middle with an ingenious system for settings. This allows you to adjust all configurations without having buttons on all sides… or almost.

    A power setting with movement on the Nunchaku 2

    One of the main novelties of the Nunchaku mod 2 is that you can adjust the power by motion capture. That is, you move the mod from right to left to increase or decrease the power. The motion capture is in 6 axis. So, if you tilt the mod completely horizontally, then the increase in power is very fast. If it is slightly inclined, then you will have a gradual rise.

    After, of course, we can probably lock the power. But for me, it’s a bad point. Because on the one hand, it is a gadget and especially, the vapers like to have their habit. The first Nunchaku had worked because it was aesthetically neat and yet easy to handle. We understand Uwell in his approach to stand out from the competition, but it’s totally useless.

    For a height of 100 millimeters and a width of 29.9 millimeters, this mod holds well in hand, but I think it is not made for travel. Uwell has focused on mainly design and therefore, it has a perfectly smooth surface and it may slip from your hands if you are distracted.

    Features of the Uwell’s Nunchaku 2 tank

    Capacity : 5ml
    Vape style : DL
    Material : Stainless steel
    Coil : Replaceable
    Airflow : Bottom
    Filling : Top
    Special feature : Compatible with Nunchaku 1’s coils

    Uwell’s Nunchaku 2 tank

    The Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit comes back with a new version. A smashing comeback for a kit that has largely proven itself.

    And we also have the Nunchaku 2 tank. It has a capacity of 5 ml for a stainless steel finish. The first Nunchaku had surpassed the Crown 2 in some tests. And it looks like Uwell put the cover back on, because in his own words, the new Nunchaku 2 tank coils are much better than those of the Crown 4.

    Unlike the latter where the brand had first proposed coils in standard wire, this time, it is entirely Mesh. The Nunchaku 2 tank offers 2 coils, respectively of 0.14 and 0.20 ohm. The recommended power is 50 to 60 watts. So, this is not for the very big vapers, but the combo of Mesh allied with a superb tank will provide an excellent tase and vapour.

    The Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit comes back with a new version. A smashing comeback for a kit that has largely proven itself.

    However, there is no big innovations for the Nunchaku 2 tank. Uwell reuses its self-cleaning technology to avoid the leaks that it used in the Crown 4 and Valyrian 2. Little difference is that these new coils have a honeycomb structure. It’s very trendy lately and we’ve seen great results with the THC Tauren One (despite the manufacturing defect).

    Uwell stays on course, because the Nunchaku 1 coils will work on the Nunchaku 2. Again, it shows that the brand does not take its customers for cash cows, is it not Smok? When I saw the name of the coil, UN2, I thought they would also be compatible with those of the Crown 4, but no, do not ask too much no.

    The price of the Nunchaku 2 kit

    The price of the Nunchaku kit vary greatly depending on the site. Vapeciga and Sourcemore offer it around 90 dollars (not counting the promotion with the coupon NCKU2 which allows you to have the kit to 47 dollars).

    You can obviously buy the tank and the mod separately. And in this case, we have the tank around $ 32 and the mod around $ 65. The price remains correct, given the quality of the Nunchaku 2. And frankly, Uwell have made a solid product who is worth the price. Even if you are on rebuildable tanks, the mod alone is worth it.

    Where can I find the Nunchaku 2 kit?

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    1. Doug says:

      You can use the crown 4 coils in this tank

      • Houssen Moshinaly says:

        I’ve contacted Uwell for confirmation. Crown 4’s coils can’t work for the Nunchaku. Coils and tanks are different.

    2. Stefan says:

      Do the Nunchaku 2 coils work on Nunchaku 1 ?

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