About us

Vapotage website talks about vaping, the electronic cigarette and everything around it. I am a web editor and webmaster and passionate about blogs. I have a whim. As soon as I’m interested in something, I have to make a blog. One day, my doctor showed me the radios of my lungs and I had the impression that he showed me the craters of the planet Mars.

I am interested in the electronic cigarette and vaping for quite a while and this radio convinced me to take the plunge. In addition, I am also a science popularizer for several years and I had the opportunity to see the rise of demonization against the electronic cigarette. Vapotage could become the reference blog of the vape or simply a personal space of a novice or confirmed vaper. I live in Madagascar and even in very poor countries, which can not afford the vape, the electronic cigarette makes its way, slowly, but surely.

This blog allows me to talk about the vape in a dedicated place. I will publish news about the vape, but also product’s reviews. As I live on the other side of the world, I can’t test all products. This site will also allow me to shout a good punch against those who constantly attack the electronic cigarette. The world of the vape is far from being as idyllic as it is claimed. We often pull each other’s feet and I told myself that I want get into this arena.

Welcome to vapers!

The number of days I spent without smoking thanks to the vape (I started the vape on October 21, 2018 and I completely abandoned the fag since that date).


Good deals of the week

The Brunhilde MTL from Vapefly

The Brunhilde MTL RTA from Vapefly is the MTL variant of the famous Top Coiler of the same name. 5 ml of capacity, German quality metal rods come to draw the liquid. An RDTA that can become one of the best MTLs on the market. The first Brunhilde had caused a sensation and this variant MTL have the potentiel to do the same. $ 33.90 $ 49.99 on Sourcemore with the coupon BMR.

33,90 dollars on Sourcemore with the coupon BMR

Hellvape MD RTA

Hellvape’s MD RTA is the new MTL bomb from Hellvape. Inaugurating a turntable on the deck, this RTA allows you to configure your Airflow to the smallest detail. The reviews are unanimous, because the MD RTA offers flavors superior to tanks like Kayfun which is not a lesser compliment. It is considered as one of the best MTL of 2019. And you can have it on Sourcemore for 29.99 $ 17.39 $.

17,39 $ on Sourcemore with the coupon HVMD