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Vaping, electronic cigarette, CBD, cannabis and psychedelic drugs, this is what offers through its news on vaping, on electronic cigarettes. We keep you up to date with the latest vape and e-cigarette laws.

But we also have news on CBD and cannabis, two sectors that have been growing rapidly in recent years. The legalization of cannabis and CBD is raging in many countries, but the dangers, risks, and benefits are enormous.

Electronic cigarette news

Launched in 2018, allows you to follow the very busy news on electronic cigarettes. Even though it is the best tool to quit smoking, vaping is demonized around the world. E-cigarette taxes, aroma ban, rotten scientific studies, corrupt scientists serving Big Pharma and governments. offers you news on vaping, electronic cigarettes, CBD and cannabis. Also vaping product and vape sites reviews. The vape, small thing, which had not asked anyone for anything, has been taking it in the face for 15 years when it simply wants to eradicate the greatest scourge of humanity which is smoking. On, we offer you the news of the electronic cigarette which shows this enraged battle day after day.

The trenches are filled with brave and courageous pro-vapers, but often lonely and on the other hand, the hordes of anti-vaping who send us bomb after bomb. But resistance is organizing in America, Asia and Europe. Vaping is effective in quitting smoking, and dozens of studies show it year after year.

Vaping products reviews

In addition to keeping you up to date with electronic cigarette news, also offers vaping product reviews so that consumers can decide with their soul and conscience. We review kits for beginners, but also devices for advanced users like RTAs, RDAs and boxes. If you are a manufacturer of vaping products or e-liquids, you can send your products to us for review.

Our vape product reviews are also independent, but we review them according to our style and the functions we are looking for on a product. The vaping market is literally inundated with thousands of products that you need a reliable review vape site to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Electronic cigarette and vaping sites reviews

Vaping and electronic cigarette sites have exploded in recent years. We offer you vape sites reviews according to criteria of product catalog, international shipping and affordable price. As we live in Madagascar, our opinion is much more versatile, because if a vaping site delivers to us, then that implies that it will be able to deliver to you.

We mainly focus on vaping sites dedicated to DIY e-liquid. Because in the future, nicotine will be more and more prohibited and you will need to be aware of the sites that offer to buy nicotine as well as other DIY elements such as PG / VG.

News about CBD, cannabis and psychedelic drugs focuses on vaping to reduce smoking, but we also have news on cannabis, cbd, and psychedelic drugs. We are not consumers of it and on cannabis, we have conservative positions. However, there are many vapers who use CBD as a vaporizer and we provide them with comprehensive news from the CBD industry as well as the legalization of cannabis around the world. offers you news on vaping, electronic cigarettes, CBD and cannabis. Also vaping product and vape sites reviews.

The economic, societal and political stake is important and we believe that it is important to have a constructive debate based on scientific evidence and the desire of the populations.

We are passionate about what we do. We have little money, but we try to provide the best possible content with our possibilities. It happens from time to time that we write with rage insulting people who want to destroy vaping, but that's because we write with passion.

As a vaper, I know what it feels like to be a smoker, to be stigmatized, to feel bad about yourself. Vape has changed my life in so many ways and I created this site to share my passion and convince other smokers to try this wonderful smoking cessation tool whose only flaw is that it has enabled millions of people around the world to quit smoking.

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