Resistive vaping wires : The best brands on the market

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  • In this article, I offer the best brands for vaping wires. It is especially intended for coil builders and real enthusiasts.

    In this article, I offer the best brands for vaping wires. It is especially intended for coil builders and real enthusiasts.

    Resistive vaping wires can be found at very affordable prices. But what are the good wires for vaping? By good wire, we will put some selection criteria. They need to be clean, they need to not break on the first try, and they need to last long enough. There are a lot of wire sellers, but I’m going to exclude Chinese vaping wires.

    The best brands of resistive vaping wires

    We pretty much know what UD and Vandy Vape resistive vaping wires are worth. Even though I still use Vandy Vape wire, as I must have had trouble getting European or American wires. We will focus on European and American sites and brands that sell resistive vaping wires. I’m not going to talk about coil builder, because there are so many these days. I’m especially interested in those that offer wires of all diameters.


    In this article, I offer the best brands for vaping wires. It is especially intended for coil builders and real enthusiasts.

    Vap’Extrême is a French company that offers resistive vaping wires of different diameters in alloys such as Kanthal, Nichrome 80 or 90, SS, but also ribbon and flat wire. Its wire is marked with Sandvik which is considered to be among the best on the market. High purity and good durability.

    The site offers worldwide shipping, but the shipping costs can be exorbitant. If you are in or around France, then Vap’Extrême will offer you the best. Regarding the prices, they are correct. For example, Nichrome in 26 in 30 feet will cost you around 7.62 euros. There is a good relationship between the quality and the price.

    Twisted Messes

    In this article, I offer the best brands for vaping wires. It is especially intended for coil builders and real enthusiasts.

    Twisted Messes is an American company and site. It offers resistive vaping wires in Nichrome80 and Kanthal. It’s also Sandvik, so great quality. His wire is more expensive than what can be found elsewhere. For example, a reel of 100 Nichrome80 feets costs $ 19.99. That’s okay, but nothing more. In terms of delivery, it is mainly intended for the American market. But if you find Twisted Messes wire near you, don’t hesitate, it’s good stuff.

    Coils Society

    In this article, I offer the best brands for vaping wires. It is especially intended for coil builders and real enthusiasts.

    Coils Society is an American company that offers a large catalog of resistive vaping wires in a lot of metal. Ni80, Kanthal, Ni80, SS, but also Ni200 or Nitefal 70. These last two are used for vaping in temperature control. The wires are clean, very well machined and of good quality. But what I love the most about Coil Society is that they offer wire packs. You have packs in every metal, valued at $ 180 to $ 200, which include coils of all diameters.

    For example, you have the Ni80 Master Pack valued at $ 180.50 which offers coils ranging from 20 AWG up to 46 AWG! And you have such packs for each metal, but also for Ribbon. This is especially intended for pro or very passionate coil builders who do a lot of exotic coils or even commercial coils. If that’s too expensive for you then you can grab some $ 40- $ 50 Starters Pack which gives you coils ranging from 24-36 AWG which is more than enough to make the most complex coils. popular. And the company is also generous.

    When you buy individual spools, it adds extra rab. For example, if you buy a reel of 250 feets, then you will get 300 feets, 50 feets as a gift. It’s not systematic, but it does happen and it’s always nice to have free resistive vaping wires. Coils Society is intended for the US market, but it also ships to New Zealand and Europe.


    In this article, I offer the best brands for vaping wires. It is especially intended for coil builders and real enthusiasts.

    Formerly Lightning Vapes, Wireoptim is a recognized American company in resistive vaping wires. What I appreciate about them is the diversity of their catalog. You can find most diameters. In fact, you can find diameters that are not necessarily used in vaping such as 16 or 18 AWG (it is used, but rarely).

    The site is very well done with good navigation and you can have dimensions from 25 to 250 feets. The prices are more than correct. The quality of the wires is quite good, but lower than that of Vap’Extrême or Twisted Messes. Wireoptim is mainly reserved for the American market. In fact, it ships to all over the world, but the shipping costs are monstrous. It’s best to go through a relay service if you want to buy from them internationally.

    Kidney puncher

    In this article, I offer the best brands for vaping wires. It is especially intended for coil builders and real enthusiasts.

    Kidney Puncher is an American company that offers resistive vaping wires from the Sandvik brand. So the quality is at the rendezvous, its wires are used by several coil builders. The catalog is also well supplied with all metals, but also ribbon and rectangle wire. Dimensions can range from 50 to 1000 feets.

    However, the prices are higher than a Wireoptim or a Coils Society. It delivers internationally to a few countries, mainly in Europe. Using UPS, the shipping cost can be quite high. If you live in the United States, this is a reference. In Europe, Vap’Extrême will cost you less.

    Stealth Vape

    In this article, I offer the best brands for vaping wires. It is especially intended for coil builders and real enthusiasts.

    Stealth Vape is a UK site that offers resistive vaping wires of good quality. He is also the representative of Evolv in Europe which notably makes the DNA chipset. The prices are in pounds sterling, but we find an equivalence with the prices of other manufacturers of resistive wires.

    Most UK vapers buy from Stealth Vape and their quality is second to the best resistive wires on the market. You also had Crazy Wire in England, but the business closed. Like many UK vape sites, Stealth Vape ships internationally. We appreciate the variety of delivery options like Royal Mail, DHL, Fedex, etc.

    These resistive vaping wires are for who?

    All these brands of resistive vaping wires offer considerable quantities and dimensions. If you are in the rebuildable or you are an average vaper, meaning pre-made coils are enough for you, then these brands are not for you. With the rebuildable, a single coil of 100 feets can last for years for round coils. So there is no point in having dozens of coils gathering dust.

    These brands of resistive vaping wires are intended for coil builders and true coil enthusiasts. They need a lot of wires, because they waste a lot of them and they experiment. With simple braids, I used up 2 spools of SS in 28 of 30 feets in no time. If you are thinking of selling handmade coils then these brands will be right for you.

    Although in the latter case, it is better to choose Extreme Vap, Twisted Messes or Kidney Puncher because of the Sandvik stamp. Or that you are a real fan of coils and that you do tons of them, either to do coil porn or otherwise.

    Why avoid Chinese resistive vaping wires?

    I’m not saying avoid them, I use them myself. But Coil building is hard and that’s why it’s fun. Now you have used UD or XKFM wire to make a fused clapton for hours and in a crucial step the wire breaks because it is shoddy. This is to discourage you from coil building. Note that even the best wires can break. However, a wire can break because we have not followed all the stages of the complex coil (drill turning too fast, not well attached, too tight, etc.), but a wire must not break because it is mediocre.

    Coil building takes time, a lot of effort, so you want your coils to last as long as possible and deliver the maximum amount of vapor and flavor. So put in some investment and choose from the brands above. However, Chinese wires, thanks to their price, are excellent for training.

    If 5 spools of 30 feets cost you $ 15, then you can have fun mastering all the steps to make an Alien, a Framed Staple, and other coils. Once you have your hands on your real coils, you can do it with real vaping wire. There are Chinese brands that are doing a good job. In particular Coilology which offers handmade coils with Sandvik wire. However, it does not offer simple resistive wire.

    How to choose between VapExtrême, Twisted Messes, Coils Society, Wireoptim, Kidney Puncher and Stealth Vape?

    Below, I have put a table with the prices of the most frequently used wires with the same dimension. In order to see the price difference between different brands. You will need to include shipping cost, customs taxes. With the current anti-vape propaganda, you also have to take into account that some carriers refuse vape packages.

    This is why Wireoptim or Coils Society are good choices, because at no time are they associated with vaping. They just come up with wire and that’s it and that’s impossible to forbid.

    Note: These prices are for October 2020. They may be different when you read these lines in the future and when you will do coil for zombies. Also, some brand’s wires were out of stock when I checked. So, I took the diameter above to be the same dimension to get an idea.

    Types de wiresVaping wires brands
    Vap’ExtrêmeTwisted MessesCoils SocietyWireoptimKidney PuncherStealth Vape
    Nichrome80 (26)10,03 euros (100 feets)19,99 dollars (100 feets)6,65 dollars (100 feets)7,39 dollars (100 feets)12,20 dollars (100 feets)4,13 sterling pounds (25 meters)
    Nichrome80 (28)8,32 euros (100 feets)-5,50 dollars (100 feets)6,39 dollars (100 feets)9,20 dollars (100 feets)4,13 sterling pounds (25 meters)
    Nichrome80 (30)8,32 euros (100 feets)-4,85 dollars (100 feets)5,89 dollars (100 feets)7,20 dollars (100 feets)4,13 sterling pounds (25 meters)
    Nichrome80 (32)7,33 euros (100 feets)-8 dollars (250 feets)5,89 dollars (100 feets)7,20 dollars (100 feets)4,13 sterling pounds (25 meters)
    Nichrome80 (36)7,33 euros (100 feets)-9,37 dollars (250 feets)5,79 dollars (100 feets)7 dollars (100 feets)5,79 sterling pounds (50 meters)
    Kanthal 2018,24 euros (100 feets)-6 dollars (50 feets)8,99 dollars (50 feets)30,75 dollars (100 feets)-
    Kanthal 2217,21 euros (100 feets)-5 dollars (50 feets)10,99 dollars (100 feets)22,95 dollars (100 feets)4,16 sterling pounds (25 meters)
    Kanthal 2613,04 euros (100 feets)14,95 dollars (100 feets)4,75 dollars (100 feets)6,99 dollars (100 feets)13 dollars (100 feets)4,16 sterling pounds (25 meters)
    Kanthal 308,84 euros (100 feets)-4 dollars (100 feets)3,79 dollars (100 feets)8,95 dollars (100 feets)4,16 sterling pounds (25 meters)
    International ShippingYESNOYes (partial)YESYes (partial)YES

    We see that several trends emerge. Overall, Coils Society and Wireoptim are the cheapest, but once you go on Sandvik then the price almost doubles. We also see that Twisted Messes does not offer almost any vaping wire, apart from the 26 and 27. We also see that Stealth Vape offers the same price for several diameters. This can be a solution for Europeans.

    What brands of wires for commercial coil builders?

    Say you get into coil building and after a few years you have enough expertise and creativity to sell your handmade coils. Which brand should you choose? For handmade coils, they have to be able to last a very long time, so I would recommend Sandvik first. Thus, Vap’Extrême and Kidney Puncher are brands that offer Sandvik in most alloys and all diameters.

    But that doesn’t prove anything that you are using Sandvik. Testing the longevity of a coil is very difficult. We would have to create a hundred identical ones. Then give them to different vapers for an average durability. Because each vape is different and this has an impact on the longevity of the coil. But if you are just an avid coil builder and you are a fan of Coil Porn, then Wireoptim, Coils Society or Stealth Vape are more affordable.

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