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For vaping brands, with, you have the advantage of having a vaping’s site dedicated for your promotions and marketing. You do not risk censorship or have your content deleted. In addition, articles of your products or your brand will have a good ranking and visibiliy in search engine for years.

If you want a partnership with my site, please contact me with the form below. I’m always looking for brands of vape to review products or e-liquids. With a partnership, you can have the following advantages:

  • A banner or your brand logo in an article or in the Sidebar
  • For your product’s reviews, I can put links towards your site or your shop
  • For Reviews, I can make dedicated articles in several languages ​​such as English or French (if possible depending on the popularity of the product, I can make articles in Spanish)
  • Well optimized posts for the search engines concerning your vaping products so that you have the maximum visibility

Site Statistics

To be completely transparent, below, you will find the site statistics. They are extracted directly from my statistics plugin:

Monthly visitors  Monthly page views
4435 13882

Note that I live in Madagascar, so make sure if you can ship to me so far. At the moment, I have no problem receiving vaping products or e-liquids from everywhere in the world. There are no ban in the country for the moment.

You do not ship to Madagascar? I still have a solution

If you do not ship to Madagascar, I can use a relay service to still receive the packages. I can provide shipping addresses to most major countries (France, UK, China, Hong-Kong, USA, etc). I should pay for the delivery myself, but if you’re serious about your partnership, it can be done. Just contact me which country you can deliver to and I will provide you with the address.

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