Complete guide to vaping safely on mech mod

Mech mod is the most experienced and highest level of vaping, providing users with a technical and powerful way to vape. Using a Mech mod is perhaps the rawest type of vaping possible, thanks to its unregulated output. It is important to remember that a Mech/unregulated mod is recommended only for the most experienced users. These are users who have extensive knowledge of battery safety, battery power, Ohm’s Law, and vaping as a whole.

The best vape is in Mech mod

Still, vaping maestros will tell you that using a Mech mod is an experience unlike any other. In fact, it’s believed that a Mech mod on a Dripper can give you the best vape possible.

The most complete guide to vaping safely in mech mod. We teach you Ohm's law, what you need to know about batteries, etc.

Source : Vape Club

By simply pressing the Fire button, you complete a circuit that passes the power of your vape battery through your Mech mod and into your atomizer. With that in mind, we’ll go over some key safety points to help you get the best experience using your Mech mod.

How far can you go in Mech mod?

You should be familiar with the saying “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should“, well, that appropriately applies to vaping as much as anything else. Yes, you can put a coil of less than 0.2 Ohm in your RDA and use it on your Mech mod, but the lower the resistance the more likely you are to run the risk of an energy flow that can cause the battery to vent, or even in extreme circumstances, cause thermal runaway.

To avoid this risk, it is advisable to build coils of 0.20 Ohm or more, which translates into abundant cloud production, but above all, peace of mind. But let’s start by understanding Ohm’s Law.

Knowing Ohm’s law for vaping in Mech

The relationship between voltage (V), current (I) and resistance (R) in any electrical circuit was first discovered by the German physicist Georg Ohm. Ohm found that at constant temperature, the electric current flowing through a fixed linear resistance is directly proportional to the voltage applied across it, and also inversely proportional to the resistance. This relationship between voltage, current, and resistance forms the basis of Ohm’s Law.

Ohm’s Law Triangle

Here, the three quantities of V, I and R have been superimposed into a triangle (affectionately called the triangle of Ohm’s law) giving the voltage up with the current and the resistance at the bottom. This arrangement represents the actual position of each quantity in the formulas of Ohm’s law.

The most complete guide to vaping in Mech mod in complete safety. We teach you Ohm's law, what you need to know about batteries, etc.

Source : VapeMate

And the transposition of Ohm’s Law equation above gives us the following combinations of the same equation:

The most complete guide to vaping in Mech mod in complete safety. We teach you Ohm's law, what you need to know about batteries, etc.

Source : VapeMate

Then using Ohm’s Law we can see that a voltage of 1 V applied to a coil of 1 Ω will flow a current of 1 A and the higher the resistance, the less current will flow for any applied voltage.

Electric power in circuits

Electric power, (P) in a circuit is the amount of energy absorbed or produced in the circuit. A source of energy such as a voltage will generate or provide energy while the connected load absorbs it. Light bulbs and heaters, for example, absorb energy and convert it into heat or light and the higher their value or rating in watts, the more energy they will use.

The quantity symbol for power is P and is the product of voltage multiplied by current, the unit of measure being Watt (W).

The power triangle

Again, the three quantities have been superimposed into a triangle this time called the power triangle with power on top and current and voltage on bottom. Again, this arrangement represents the actual position of each magnitude in Ohm’s Law power formulas.

The most complete guide to vaping in Mech mod in complete safety. We teach you Ohm's law, what you need to know about batteries, etc.

Source : VapeMate

And again, transposing the above basic Ohm’s Law equation for power gives us the following combinations of the same equation to find the different individual quantities:

The most complete guide to vaping in Mech mod in complete safety. We teach you Ohm's law, what you need to know about batteries, etc.

Source : VapeMate

We can therefore see that there are three possible formulas for calculating the electrical power in a circuit. If the calculated power is positive, (+P) in value for any formula, the component absorbs energy, that is, it consumes or uses energy. But if the calculated power is negative, (-P) in value the component produces or generates energy, in other words it is a source of electrical energy such as batteries and generators.

Ohm’s law graph

To help us understand the relationship between the different values ​​a little further, we can take all of Ohm’s Law equations from above to find the voltage, current, resistance and power and condense them into one Simple Ohm’s Law pie chart for AC and DC use.

The most complete guide to vaping in Mech mod in complete safety. We teach you Ohm's law, what you need to know about batteries, etc.

Source : VapeMate

Note that you can also use an Android application such as Vape Tool which offers many tools for vaping, including the calculation of Ohm’s law, but also a database for batteries. It has a paid version, but the free version is more than sufficient.

The right tools for a Mech mod

An Ohms Reader, or Ohmmeter, is an essential part of the kit for anyone looking to build their own coils, especially those looking to upgrade to a Mech mod. An Ohmmeter allows you to check the value of your resistance, to detect any possibility of short circuit and to judge if your coils are correctly mounted.

The most complete guide to vaping in Mech mod in complete safety. We teach you Ohm's law, what you need to know about batteries, etc.

If you skip this vital step and use your RDA on your Mech mod without the break-in of your Resistance, the results can be lethal.

Warning: Never dry burn your coils on a Mech mod.

The same goes for a coil building kit, which are specially designed vape tools that allow the user to build coils effectively and efficiently, while increasing safety. These are essential for any mechanical user.

The most complete guide to vaping in Mech mod in complete safety. We teach you Ohm's law, what you need to know about batteries, etc.

Resistance + battery = the relationship to vape in Mech mode

As mentioned above, the danger of building a coil with too low a resistance relates to the relationship between battery and resistance. The rule of thumb is that the higher the Ohm value, the less amps the battery needs. This is where Ohm’s Law really comes into play, as it is used to confirm that the amount of energy your battery drains is safe. If you haven’t understood the equations below, then we’ve simplified you with the one equation you’ll need to safely vape on Mech mod.

I = V ÷ R

This is the equation that will decide everything for you. While it sounds pretty complicated, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Where “I” is the current, measured in amps; “V” is the power measured in volts; and “R” is resistance, measured in Ohms. Typically, batteries with a higher mAh will have lower amperage, so it is important to take this into consideration.

For example, you have a fully charged 4.2V 20A 18650 battery and an RDA with 0.3 Ohm coil. So 4.2 divided by 0.3 equals 14 amps. This means that this coil will draw 12.3 amps from the battery. So that’s perfectly safe for a 20A battery, making it a handy combination of coil and battery to use with a Mech mod. It is absolutely vital to always use this simple equation when using an unregulated one.

Remember to keep your batteries charged as the voltage can drop, which will have a bad effect on your vape. It should also be noted that reversing the polarity (inserting the batteries in the wrong direction) can easily lead to an unpleasant accident, so be careful when placing the batteries in the device.

Dual battery Mech mods

The above tips are a good starting point for the Mech mod world, but if you plan to use a dual battery Mech mod, the rules take on a whole new dimension of complexity. Dual Battery Mech mods are divided into two categories; series and parallel. Although the same equation above is always used, these devices get their name from the type of circuit they use.

The Mech mod in series

A serial Mech mod will double the voltage level of the batteries. For example, two 4.2V batteries will create a 8.4V supply. This should be taken into account when calculating resistance for maximum safety.

See our calculations below, they were made using two 18650, 3000mAh, 4.2V, 15A batteries as the power source. You can use other types of batteries, but always consider the difference between the voltage and current levels.

  • 8.4  V / 0.3 Ohm = 28 A required (DANGEROUS TO USE)
  • 8.4 V / 0.4 Ohm = 21 A required (DANGEROUS TO USE)
  • 8.4 V / 0.6 Ohm = 14 A required (SAFE USE)

The Mech mod in parallel

A Mech mod in parallel will double the battery amperage limit. For example, two 15A batteries will create 30A of current. This should be taken into account when calculating resistance for maximum safety.

See our calculations below for some useful examples. They were developed using two 18650, 3000mAh, 4.2V, 15A batteries as the power source. You can use other types of batteries, but always consider the difference between the voltage and current levels.

  • 4.2 V / 0.1 Ohm = 42 A required (DANGEROUS TO USE)
  • 4.2 V / 0.2 Ohm = 21 A required (SAFE USE)
  • 4.2 V / 0.3 Ohm = 14 A required (SAFE USE)

What is the best choice between a Mech or a parallel mod?

As you can see from the calculations above, using a Mech mod in series or in parallel will dramatically change the type of vape you encounter.

A parallel Mech mod will allow you to use much low ohm coils, this will result in a more powerful vape, increasing vapor production. A serial Mech mod, on the other hand, will force you to use higher coils, but the device will ramp up much faster.

Some examples of batteries and Mech mod uses

You have a lot of 18650 or 20700 or 21700 batteries on the market. If we take the Samsung 25R battery in 18650, then we have a discharge current of 20 amps. The maximum load advertised is 25 amps, but we must especially look at the continuous discharge. Battery databases can give you the specifications.

And even on vape sites, take a good look at the description of the batteries. So, for our 20 amp battery, we use the equation of current = voltage divided by resistance. And again, I recommend an app like Vape Tool, because it tells you the minimum resistance directly. So if you use a Samsung 25R battery with 20 amps of continuous discharge, then the minimum resistance is 0.21 ohm. Why ? Because if you put, for example, a resistance of 0.20 ohm, then the equation gives us the following value:

4.2 volts divided by 0.20 = 21 amps

As our Samsung 25R battery only has 20 amps of discharge, then the coil will pump more than the capacity of the battery and therefore BOOM. In general, Mech mod users will prefer a battery like the Sony VTC5 A which can send 25 amps. One of the best places to buy batteries in Europe is NKON. And so, the minimum resistance value for the VTC5 A is 0.17 ohm. If you put 0.10 ohm for example, then you have:

4.2 volts divided by 0.10 = 42 amps

This is much more than what the battery can send, so REBOUM! Ohm’s Law equation for safe vaping in a Mech mod is very simple. But you must know your batteries and the resistance perfectly. For a serial Mech mod (also called a Stacked mod), then you have to double the resistance.

If you take Sony VTC 5A batteries, then you should never exceed 0.34 ohm. Although you should never vape on the precise threshold of the coil. Because there must always be a safety margin. When stacked, it’s better to go at 0.35 or 0.40 ohm.

Note: For the calculation of ohm law, you must always use the maximum voltage who is at 4.2 volts. Doing so will give you a safety margin and your calculation will be much more simple, because your voltage will be the same, for any the batterie that you use.

Don’t forget the wattage you are going to take in the face!

In general, Mech mod users who swim in low resistances are fans of the big vape. If we take the example of our two stacked batteries, Sony VTC 5, then know that you are going to take 207 watts in the face with a resistance of 0.33 ohm. At 0.40 ohm, you will take 176 watts in the mouth and at 0.50, you will be around 141 watts. If you are looking for a Mech vaping around 100 watts, then you should aim for a resistance of 0.71 ohm.

And beware, we are talking about the stacked. As a simple mech, a 100 watt vape, with a Sony VTC5 A, will require a resistance of 0.17 ohm, the minimum value (dangerous limit).

Simple ohm calculation to vape in Mech at certain watts

Say you want to vape at certain watts, then the math is simple:

Watts = Volt² / Resistance

For example, if I want to vape at 100 watts in a single battery, with a Sony VTC 5A, then:

4.2 x 4.2 / 0.18 = 98 watts

And you can just swap this equation if you want to know the coil value you need to aim for, if you want to vape at certain watts:

4.2 x 4.2 / 100 = 0.18 watts (with a little variation because you can exactly reach 100 watts) is the resistance you should aim for.

This is why at the beginning, we showed Ohm’s law as a triangle, because the three values ​​are linked to each other and knowing only two values ​​allows you to know the third and to have a vaping style Mech mod that suits you. So I am a “little” vaper and can vape up to 60 watts. Above, I have a volcano in my mouth. In this case, my calculation will be as follows:

4.2 x 4.2 / 60 = 0.30 ohm

And I could do coils of 0.27 or even 0.33 and I would know both that I would be in my “wattage” range, but also that I would be perfectly safe, because:

4.2 / 0.30 = 14 A

So even a Samsung 25R would be enough for my vape, even if I would prefer a Sony VTC 5A.

In general, the batteries have a constant voltage, 4.2 volts (full charge).

Aliens in Mech mods!

You also have aliens in Mech mods. For example, the Hammer of God from VaperzCloud is both a series and parallel mod in 21700. So with doubling the amps, we can go down quite low. So if you put, say, 0.12 ohms, then that’s going to throw 588 watts in your mouth. I’m not expert enough to talk about these aliens, but I wouldn’t get closer than 0.40 or even 0.50 ohms with this stuff.

What is a Hybrid Mech Mod?

Please note: the average user is strongly recommended to avoid hybrid mechanical mods.

A hybrid Mech mod poses serious and inherent risks beyond the typical mechanical mod. A Hybrid Mech mod differs from a traditional Mech mod in a way: there is no isolated 510 pin in the mod’s top cap. The atomizer’s 510 pin makes direct contact with the battery’s positive terminal, delivering power faster than a regular Mech mod due to the amount of metal current passes through.

At the start of vaping, the threads of atomizers were considered proprietary and meant to only work on devices of a given brand. Now the 510 pins are standardized, which makes almost any atomizer work with almost any mod on the market. The danger with Hybrid Mech mods is that almost all atomizers will be compatible, but very few have been designed to work safely. Here is the problem.

The 510 metal thread of an atomizer is a negative mass isolated from the positive pin inside of it, but the pin does not protrude much from the thread (maybe a millimeter or less). In normal mods all mods are separate from hybrid Mech mods, the pin does not need to protrude, if at all, as it only touches the isolated positive pin of the mod.

But in a hybrid Mech mod, there is usually not enough space between the negative thread of an atomizer and the positive terminal of the battery. For this reason, there is a risk that the negative thread of the atomizer will come in contact with the positive terminal of the battery, which will cause a short circuit, which can lead to thermal runaway (a battery degassing violently like a Roman candle.) For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you avoid Hybrid Mech mods.

Another type of device that is classified as a Hybrid Mech mod is that the mod and the atomizer are part of the same piece. Both are fully recessed so that contact is made directly between the battery and the mod. This was useful in the old days when electric mods or classic mechs didn’t provide enough power. Today, it is no longer necessary.

In conclusion

It is important to remember the golden rule “if it doesn’t sound safe, don’t do it“. We cannot repeat this point enough. If you don’t have the right tools, vaping gear, and knowledge you will be preparing for disaster, so it is necessary to equip yourself in order to safely enjoy your Mech mod.

If you think I forgot something and there are corrections to be made, please contact me.

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