Where to buy nicotine “Strong” for vaping (72, 100 mg, etc)?

Buy nicotine in large quantities and at higher rates gives you several benefits. This is a must have if you want to make DIY e-liquid, want to save money, or live in a country where the vape industry is not developed and you want to store nicotine for several months or years.

An important thing, many online places to buy nicotine are in England and the United States. I don’t know if these sites will deliver to your country and you will have to check it for yourself. Some deliver worldwide, via services like DHL, which means the shipping costs are going to be monstrous. It’s up to you to see if it suits you.

You will obviously have to make sure that this nicotine can pass through your customs and the different countries it passes through. With the anti-vape propaganda sweeping over us, it is more than urgent to stock up, as it is increasingly difficult to have as free a vape as possible.

Precautions for using nicotine “strong”

The best online sites that buy nicotine "strong". Rates from 72 to 250 mg are available. Follow the guide.

“Strong” nicotine is a term that applies to nicotine with high levels. We are not talking about 100% pure nicotine, as it would be foolishness for an individual to store or use it. We’re just going to buy nicotine at 72, 100, or even 250 mg in some cases. Regardless of the level of nicotine you buy, remember the mandatory precautions:

  • Gloves and long-sleeved clothing or a blouse
  • Protective goggles or a visor (this shouldn’t be hard to find in the post-covid era)
  • A ventilated place
  • Secure storage for your nicotine. A few drops of nicotine, even at 72 or 100 mg, can kill most animals and it is also fatal for the childrens.
  • Nicotine keeps for years in the freezer

Buy nicotine in PG or VG?

To buy nicotine, you have to know if you want it in PG or VG. It will not be in PG / VG directly, because otherwise it becomes a neutral base e-liquid and the oxidation will already begin. You have supporters for the PG and the VG. 100% VG nicotine is a nightmare to handle, as it’s like handling toothpaste, but the big plus is that there is no risk of splashing.

100% PG nicotine is very handy, but also very liquid, so you will have to be careful. My advice is to take small 30ml or 50ml bottles, for example, to start with so you know which one is right for you. Usually, 100% PG is used quite a bit.

Buy nicotine salts “strong”

In addition to free base nicotine, you can also buy nicotine salts “strong”, usually 72 mg or 100 mg. It is much more expensive than standard nicotine. It is especially in the United States that it is most popular. Its handling and mixing to create a DIY e-liquid remain unchanged.

Online sites that sell nicotine “strong”

Everything Liquid

Site based in England and as its name suggests, it offers everything you need to prepare your DIY e-liquids. PG, VG, aromas and nicotine. It allows you to buy nicotine at 72 mg, in PG, VG or even nicotine salts.

The amounts range from 250 ml up to 5 liters. 250ml of 72mg nicotine costs £ 24.99 while a liter will cost you £ 59.99. The prices are more than correct. From what I’ve seen, the site ships worldwide, but it’s up to you to verify.

Rivers supply

Site based in the United States. Rivers Supply is one of the top recommended sites for American vapers. It is a laboratory that takes every precaution to store its nicotine. Its big advantage is that you can buy nicotine ranging from 3 to 250 mg. If you are afraid of nicotine “strong” then you can start with small amounts. The prices are more than correct. So 500ml of 100mg nicotine will cost you $ 27.99.

Delivery terms are limited, as it is mostly reserved for the US market. But its nicotine is excellent. It also offers nicotine salts and it pushes the vice to offer different variations of nicotine salts. So, we have the “Smooth”, the “Signature” and the “Hits”. The Smooth completely neutralized the hit, the Signature attempts to replicate the nicotine in the tobacco leaves as faithfully as possible.

And the Hits has boosted the Hit for those looking for the famous throat clearing when they vape nicotine. Rivers Supply also offers CBD and they recently released what they called TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine), a fully synthetic nicotine that does not come from tobacco leaves.

Best Cig Liquid

Site based in England. Best Cig Liquid specializes in DIY e-liquids. It offers concentrates, Shortfills, PG and VG and nicotine. Nicotine can be purchased from Best Cig Liquid in 72 mg either in classic nicotine or nicotine salts.

It doesn’t ship worldwide, but I think it serves Europe. Its amount is 30ml which will cost you 5.98 pounds sterling for the nicotine base and the 72mg nicotine salts are available from 30 to 250ml, the latter costing 35.98 pounds sterling.

Meganicotine (AntiTPD)

Meganicotine, which also manages the AntiTPD site, has been around for quite a few years. But it is inconstant. Often times, they are no longer taking orders because they are looking for payment providers or updating their shipping methods. However, in the anti-vaping world where we live more and more, sometimes you have to be content with what you have and search for nicotine in the back of the drawers.

When it works, Meganicotine offers nicotine in 40 mg, 100 mg and even in 400 mg for the more daring. It is available in Nicotine Freebase and Nicotine Salts. For the price, this is still correct, because you get 1 liter of 100 mg nicotine for around 120 euros. For nicotine salts, we are around 70 euros for 100 mg in 250 ml (the maximum quantity available). What’s interesting about Meganicotine is that it pretty much ship worldwide.

True, the shipping costs can be high, but if you make a purchase over 75 euros, then the shipping is free. The company is based in the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, but its nicotine is made in Switzerland. This is to avoid stupid European or American laws. When it works, Meganicotine can be a nice alternative.

Delosi Labs

Site based in the United States. As the name suggests, Delosi Labs is a laboratory that offers everything you need to make your liquids. VG and PG, accessories and of course, you can buy nicotine from them. Like Rivers Supply, it offers levels ranging from 3 mg to 100 mg.

The 100ml bottle in 100mg costs $ 24.77. In nicotine salts, it offers levels of 12 to 100 mg. And the 250ml bottle of 100mg Nicotine Salts will cost you $ 29.72. Delosi Labs claims it can deliver to anywhere in the world, but it uses DHL which can sting. Moreover, it is not known whether the carrier will accept this type of product.


Chansflavor offers many types of nicotine whether it is 100 mg, 200 mg or even pure nicotine. It is a Chinese manufacturer, but its quality has nothing to envy that of European producers. It is considered to be cheaper than Hiliq.

It also offers nicotine salts with high nicotine levels. He delivers in many countries, notably in the USA and in Europe. For example, for France, the shipping costs can range from 13 euros by post and 32 euros by Fedex for a 250 ml bottle.


Hiliq is arguably one of the oldest and best known manufacturers and sellers of nicotine internationally. It is also a Chinese manufacturer, but the quality of its nicotine is excellent and rivals American producers. It offers basic nicotine in 100 and 200 mg. It does not ship worldwide, but many countries are available, including the United States and Europe.

Its shipping cost may hurt ass because it delivers exclusively by Fedex. Thus, a 250 ml vial in 100 mg will cost you 50 or 60 euros with shipping costs (around 20 euros for France).


Eliquidnicotine.co.uk is an England-based nicotine seller, although it ships from the European Union. It offers base nicotine up to 100 mg which costs around 46 pounds sterling. It mainly delivers to Europe. Shipping costs are not shown, but if you live in France it shouldn’t be too expensive since it’s coming from Europe.


BunkerBase is well known to the French DIY community. It’s more of an e-liquid seller, but it does offer high nicotine in a product called Ultra Nic Base which is available in up to 250 mg and in 100 to 500ml containers. It ships almost all over the world, but it mainly uses UPS which can be quite expensive.


NicLiquid is a Chinese manufacturer that offers both nicotine Free base and nicotine salts. One advantage is that it offers different ones ranging from 24 to 200 mg. So if you’re not comfortable handling high nicotine levels, you can start already with a nicotine base ready at your level. NicLiquid is slightly more expensive than ChanFlavor, but in the test carts that I made, it offers shipping almost worldwide.

Be careful not to confuse NicLiquid with Nicliquids or Niceliquid. You really have to type the url nicliquid.com without any “s” or “e” or you will end up on other sites. The shipping costs seem correct, but the quality of the nicotine remains to be tested.


InnoSteam is a German manufacturer of components for e-liquids. It offers pure nicotine, but also propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. It offers 99.5% pure nicotine ranging from 1 to 500 kg. Obviously, it is reserved only for professionals and vape companies. Nicotine with such a concentration requires a dedicated, ventilated installation to avoid fatal risks.

If you are a vape professional, whether an e-liquid manufacturer or other, you can contact him on his site for your various orders. A small downside is that the site is only in German.

Storing your nicotine

If you pass the obstacle course to buy nicotine “strong” online, then keep it as long as possible. Some tips :

  • If you buy 100ml of nicotine, then split it into 4 bottles of 25ml
  • Use the first bottle for your daily needs and freeze the other three
  • The three enemies of nicotine are heat, light and oxygen
  • When you fill your bottles for storage, fill them to the brim to leave no space for oxygen
  • Take all your precautions and take your time to handle your nicotine. Even if it takes you a few hours, it will never be time wasted in the face of risks
  • With children and other household members, it is best to put your bottle of nicotine in a locked box before freezing it.

In conclusion

Although buy nicotine remains a journey filled with many obstacles, there are more and more reliable sites offering it. Good pharmaceutical grade nicotine from specialized laboratories. The brands are reputable and the prices are more than fair.

When you do DIY, you quickly realize that commercial liquids ruin vapers. Plus, with the anti-vape tsunami sweeping over us all day long, stock up, stock up, and stock up whatever you can to avoid going back to the fag. The biggest problem with vaping in the world is these assholes of carriers who ban anything and everything.

If you know of any sites where you can buy nicotine “strong”, then please contact us. Remember, we look for reliable sites first. Worldwide delivery options would be more than welcome.