Q16 Pro by Justfog, still the best for beginners

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  • The Q16 Pro from Justfog proves that you do not have to invent the wheel for a product that thrives.

    The Q16 Pro simply changes the battery life, but it’s still one of the best beginner kits. When we ask for starter kits , we will have the usual names. Zenith, Nautilus and the Q16. The Q16 by Justfog is one of the oldest kits on the market. In a formidable simplicity, he still works just as well to stop smoking, even with large doses of nicotine.

    A battery of 900 mAh for the Q16 Pro

    Justfog is a South Korean brand and is one of the leaders in beginner kits. In addition to the Q16 Pro, it offers the excellent Compact Justfog. It’s a brand that is not going to swing you an atomizer every week. Instead, it will constantly improve its existing products. The proof is that even today, Justfog still proposes its Q14 which is already several years old.

    The Q16 Pro from Justfog proves that you do not have to invent the wheel for a product that thrives.

    The only difference of the Q16 Pro is that the kit embeds a battery of 900 mAh and that’s it. The atomizer has not changed at all. The brand promotes top filling that prevents leaks, but this already existed on older models.

    For large doses of nicotine

    Why is the Q16 so popular among beginners? Well, you can use it with high nic liquids! It uses 1.6 ohm coils. So even if you have nicotine salts at 50 mg, it will work. The kit comes with a single coil, pre-installed.

    Another thing that is appreciated at Justfog, but also at brands like Aspire is that they do not take vapers for cash cows. The compatibility of coils is one of their priorities. And the Q16 Pro is compatible with OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) coils. It is a coil that was created for the Kanger V2 and yes, it’s very old.

    The Q16 Pro from Justfog proves that you do not have to invent the wheel for a product that thrives.

    If you’ve had trouble finding OCC coils, it’s because online sellers sometimes sell it under a different name. Type “coil Q16” or even “coil Q14” and you will find it. The price of coils ranges from $ 8 to $ 10 for a pack of 5. And given the very nicotine use of the Q16 Pro, it will last quite a bit. However, if you are a smoker and you start only with the Q16 Pro, then you will shoot a lot, so make some spare coil. For all those who have been there will tell you, we shoot like a sick person at the beginning and that’s fine.

    A bit high price

    If you already have a Q16, then you do not need the Q16 Pro. But if you are looking for a beginner’s kit, then it’s a safe bet. This can be to have a complementary kit, even when you are already an experienced vaper, in order to have your nicotine dose.

    However, the price seems high since the complete kit is $ 48.99 on some Chinese sites. Obviously, it will drop as and and we can probably have it for 40 dollars. On FastTech, it is already at 26 dollars. It is interesting to see that some atomizers, adored by the “reviewers”, are sold for 20 bucks. On the other hand, simple little kits sell around for $ 40. This proves that they are durable kits that will always have their customers. The Eleaf Basal which is also a beginner’s kit, is trading between 35 and 40 dollars.

    The Q16 Pro from Justfog proves that you do not have to invent the wheel for a product that thrives.

    The price is for the kit, but if you’re just looking for the Q16 Pro clearomizer, then you can get it for less than $ 10. Put 1 or 2 pack of coils with it and you’re ready for nicotine overload. As it’s a 510 pin, meaning that it will work on all mods like a Pico. A good vaper must always have a Q16 Pro, either in case of a sudden lack of nicotine or to encourage a smoker to try vaping.

    Where to find the Q16 Pro?

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