World Vaping Day 2020, hope and shit

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  • May 30, 2020 is World Vaping Day. Between the rage to slaughter the anti-vapers while fighting like ragpickers on the best RTA.

    May 30, 2020 is World Vaping Day. Between the rage to slaughter the anti-vapers while fighting like ragpickers on the best RTA.

    May 30, 2020 is World Vaping Day. Unfortunately, we would like something other than a world day, because world days are above all an opportunity to say that there is nothing we can do. Between World Peacekeepers’ Day on May 29 and World No Tobacco Day on May 31, we can say that we are very well surrounded. Murderers in the name of democracy on the one hand and the worst bastards on the other. Because during the tobacco-free day, the WHO swung filth as it is not allowed on the vape, especially children with sketches of vape who have nothing to envy to the promotions of child soldiers during the dark period of Sierra Leone.

    Between rage and hatred, this is my daily lot when I see all these anti-vaping news, treating me as the worst criminal when I am just trying to delay the time when the famous crab will come to visit me because of my 20 years of smoking. I started vaping on October 21, 2018 and therefore, this May 30, 2020, it will be exactly 586 days since I stopped smoking. I had to quit smoking due to health and respiratory problems, but later learned that it was a side effect of other drugs I was taking. That’s how good medicine makes us …

    But I jumped at the chance to switch to the vaping that I was interested in as a science communicator. The world of vaping is closed, that’s why from the outside, people don’t understand anything. To understand the world of vaping, you have to vape and be in the vaping. From there, you will understand what is an atomizer, an RTA, an RDA, a beginner’s kit, what is 20 mg of nicotine salts, the Hit in the throat, the Dry Hit and many others things.

    For the smoker, the vape will always be intimidating by its diversity and that is why, I always advise you to go to a good vape shop. How do we recognize them? When the seller is not selling and he tries to understand your smoking’s history for the first 20 minutes and then he will try to give you something. I remember my first experience as if it were yesterday.

    The saleswoman did not know about it and I found myself trying to quit smoking with a TFV8 Baby, connoisseurs will understand by making a face. At the time, the reviewers weren’t all rotten and it took Anakine68 aka Jimmy Pattin’s videos (a french reviewer) for me to understand the basics. A family member gave me the Joyetech Dolphin Atopack at the same time and he was the one who managed to give my Nicotine Shoot. These almost 2 years have been really crappy on all levels. Because last year, my mom left for a better world, in conditions that I would never forgive medicine.

    That day, I stayed for hours with a pack of cigarettes in my hand, thinking of diving again. And I already had the stinky in my mouth, but I told myself that she would not have wanted, even if for the record, she thought that the vape was “druuuug”. For her, I resisted and today, I still need so much nicotine. But I’m proud to have endured such a difficult time, even if it’s the kind that follows you until your own departure for a better world. So let them come, motherfuckers, assholes and fattening pigs, tell me that vapers are unconscious people. Let me slit their throats and dismember their children, bursting out to say.

    The vape brought me many things (especially bad towards a certain community of the vape), but above all it allowed me to see the happy face of my mother the day I told her that I had quit smoking. Even if for her, the vape was a dangerous thing, the electronic cigarette will allow me, I am sure, to keep this promise of never holding a single stinky or killer in my life again. And for that thank you.

    Good day to all in this World Vaping Day.

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