Destruction of vaping, orchestrated by the United States

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  • An attack so massive on the vaping, orchestrated by the United States that the electronic cigarette may be banned worldwide.

    An attack so massive on the vaping, orchestrated by the United States that the electronic cigarette may be banned worldwide.

    The destruction of vaping, orchestrated by elites and corrupt scientists in the United States

    If you are a vaper, then you must realize that you are an endangered species. The United States, via Trump, banned flavors in liquids. While all of the recent deaths, were caused by THC oil, bought on the black market. But for a country that kills 2 million Iraqis, destroys Iraq while the real culprits are the Saudi, nothing should surprise us any more.

    But why ? What is the entity that finances this anti-vaping attacks? We often quote Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. And even if they have their words to say or rather that they remain very quiet, the truth is elsewhere. In the United States, there are a lot of doctors and scientists who hate nicotine. Tobacco is something they have learned to wear and as they are basically religious in white coats, so they can not stand the idea that nicotine consumption can be a harmless pleasure.

    That’s where the attack comes from, nothing more, nothing less. Then, Big Tobacco does nothing against this shit, because big tobacco companies have a bad days on the stock market. They have losses in the billions of dollars, and I do not know if vaping is the cause. I think it’s a trend in the West to say goodbye to smoking. But big tobacco companies can still count on a mountain of cash since they have China and India that they can poison for a very long time.

    What is interesting is that Trump and his henchmen banned the flavors except that of tobacco. An tobacco or fruit flavor is conceived in the same way. It’s just an flavor. There is not a single tobacco particle in a tobacco liquid as there is not a strawberry particle in a strawberry ice cream.

    New York just banned flavored liquids, Michigan was the pioneer, California could do it. And in fact, the national ban is only a question of days. But the prohibition era has shown us that total prohibition does not work. And this will cause exactly the opposite effect. There are 5 to 10 million vapers in the United States and if they can not find ready-to-use liquids, then they will make them themselves. These are the liquids that will be banned.

    But it is impossible to ban individual components like PG, VG and flavorings because they are components used in the food industry for years. But it is dangerous to mix flavors without testing the final result in a laboratory. And this time, we risk having real liquids at risk because of the prohibition. This case of ban of liquid in the USA shows us that this country is really corrupt and that it breaks apart in a thousand pieces a little more each day.

    The CDC’s major role in demonizing the vape to destroy it can not be over-emphasized. Until the last moment, the CDC did not reveal the truth on the THC oil, because it finally found the pretext to attack vaping. Corrupt scientists, corrupt doctors and after, we are surprised that no one believes more in science.

    And as the United States sets the tone for the rest of the world, then all countries will ban vaping in the coming months. Big Tobacco will be able to rub its hands, Big Pharma will be able to sell us smoking crap that has not worked for 30 years and the status quo will be preserved.

    India totally banned electronic cigarette

    And the proof of the American influence is that India has just banned the electronic cigarette while allowing the cigarette and the paan. Decidedly, the Indians are really too stupid or too corrupt. There are 120 million smokers in India and 10 million people die each year from smoking-related illness. 120 million smokers, who smoke 1 pack a day, that’s a few tens of billions of dollars that go into the pockets of the governement. What to forbid any alternative that would stop smoking.

    This ban has gone unnoticed because everyone is focused on the yankees, but that means the death of the global vaping in the middle term. India has 42 million vapers. Europe has 5 to 12 million vapers, the United States has 8 to 11 million. This means that India alone has twice as many vapers as the rest of the West.

    It is estimated that there are 100 million vapers in the world. With this ban of e-cigs, the market has lost 50 % of his consumers. This will have devastating impacts on the industry. If you are an electronic cigarette manufacturer in China, you have come to understand that you will lose 50 % of your turnover within 24 hours. Because the Indian ban is total with imprisonment and huge fines for those who are catched with vaping devices. And Chinese manufacturers will break off the market because it is no longer profitable for them. And so, the amount of gear will be reduced and there will not more innovation to have e-cigs more efficient and safer.

    And the Indian ban will spread to all Asia. Pakistan will follow India. And China could be the next. If one is scared by the 120 million smokers in India, then open your eyes to the 300 million smokers in China. Whether in China or India, smoking is part of culture and tradition. Vaping could have really taken off in these countries and drastically reduce smoking worldwide. Because we can talk for days on the decline of smoking in the West, it has absolutely no impact on the global vaping so the number of smokers and vapers is insignificant.

    And as usual, the media tells anything. E-cigarettes are banned in many countries, including Australia, which is the strictest. But we find the same phenomenon. As the vape is a global phenomenon, so people always come to buy abroad. Even if the disappearance of the American vape will cause the closure of many Chinese manufacturers, which account for 90 % of the gear of the vape.

    England wants to become a free tobacco country in 2030

    Damn, in this American anti-vape mud, England is a real alien. In a government report, the country will become tobacco-free by 2030. And one of its main strategies is vaping. For example, on cigarette packs, instead of pictures of cancerous lungs, one could put a stickers urging smokers to try the vape.

    The same thing for the leaflet of shit proposed by the TPD where on each stuff of vape, we see that the nicotine is very addictive and blah blah. The notice would be replaced by something more positive. However, the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) is against this project of Free tobacco England.

    The trick is that the authorities will wait until the smoking rate drops significantly, to around 5% of the population to declare tobacco illegal in the country. Yes, a country without tobacco means that tobacco is criminalized. And according to the NNA, if we force smokers to go down the drain, then they will do exactly the opposite. But go read the guidelines of this report, it’s really a breath of freshness towards the vaping. If you want continue to vape in the next years, then immigrate to England.

    Europe could ban the vape by following the American example. We must never forget that the only reason why the vape is so cool in Europe is that it is the British parliamentarians who have broken a lot of the bastards contained in the TPD. It is only thanks to England that the bureaucrats of Brussels and the French authorities have not totally banned the vape in 2016.

    Now that the Brexit is going to take place, then Europe will lose the only country that was pro-vape . And we already have the signs of American leprosy with some politicians in France and Germany who wants to ban the electronic cigarette.

    Do not think that this concerns the United States, vaping will be banned in the whole world, it is only a question of time. Who heard about Snus when it allowed Sweden to switch to 1% of smoking. This is normal, Snus is totally banned in Europe and the USA. And I tell you for years, make some stock. I am always looking for good plans to have nicotine of very good quality. Not necessarily pure, but something to facilitate DIY blends.

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