What to expect from the Vandy Vape’s Jackaroo Pod Kit ?

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  • The Jackaroo Pod Kit follows the lineage of the Aegis Boost by offering a foolproof pod focusing on ergonomics.

    The Jackaroo Pod Kit follows the lineage of the Aegis Boost by offering a foolproof pod focusing on ergonomics.

    The Jackaroo Pod Kit shows us that Vandy Vape is “Geekvapizing” more and more. When Geekvape released their entire Aegis range, then Vandy Vape released the Jackaroo mod which was also shock resistant and waterproof with 18650 batteries. This Jackaroo mod went unnoticed, but it was excellent in every way, especially the chipset which was quite efficient. This time, the Jackaroo Pod kit offers us the same pod version.

    The Jackaroo Pod kit for extreme conditions

    We find the same functionalities. It is shock resistant and waterproof. It’s big enough, I don’t know if it will be ergonomic in the hand. In terms of dimension, it has a height of 108 millimeters for a width of 40 millimeters. We have several possible colors with panels of different patterns.

    It also has a good capacity, 4.5ml which is really interesting since we are going to use this product, mainly to vape nicotine salts. This is a Top Airflow as it sits on the cartridge. Therefore, there is no risk of airflow leaks. However, given the face of this Jackaroo Pod kit, we always have the change of coil from the bottom. And it always creates leaks, since I’ve used dozens of pods like this.

    The Jackaroo Pod Kit follows the lineage of the Aegis Boost by offering a foolproof pod focusing on ergonomics.

    The autonomy is also interesting since it is 2000 mAh for a power ranging from 5 to 70 watts. Vandy Vape tells us that the Jackaroo Pod Kit can do both DL and MTL and given the configuration of the Airflows, we can believe it. Although you shouldn’t expect very tight MTL. But what about the coils?

    The coils and the RDTA of the Jackaroo Pod kit

    The Jackaroo Pod kit is compatible with 5 different coils from the “VVC” range. It’s a bit of a shame to stay on proprietary coils, as the kit would have sold better if it could use coils from other brands. Coil compatibility is crucial for a pod kit like this to last. Because in this configuration, we must hope that Vandy Vape will make these coils for a long time.

    The 5 coils compatible with the Jackaroo Pod kit

    • VVC-120 – A 1.2 ohm coil, to vape between 7 and 13 watts and suitable for nicotine salts.
    • VVC-90 – A 0.9 ohm coil, to vape between 9 and 16 watts, suitable for liquids with a high nicotine base, especially fruity ones.
    • VVC-60 – A 0.6 ohm coil, to vape between 18 and 26 watts, we enter the category of rather restrictive DL.
    • VVC-30 – A 0.30 ohm coil, to vape between 30 and 45 watts, we are in the average of the DL vape.
    • VVC-15 – A 0.15 ohm coil, to vape between 35 and 60 watts, we are clearly in pure DL.

    So the Jackaroo Pod Kit covers the majority of possible vapes. And on the official website, we see that Vandy Vape even offers a rebuildable option with an RDTA. And that’s what interests me the most. Because I say it, the Jester Pod with its integrated RDTA is without doubt one of the best rebuildable pods and I still vape on it, almost a year and a half after its release.

    The Jackaroo Pod Kit follows the lineage of the Aegis Boost by offering a foolproof pod focusing on ergonomics.

    Currently, the Jackaroo Pod Kit is around $ 35 for pre-order. The RDTA for the Jackaroo Pod Kit is available separately for around $ 12. We are in the average of what we had for the RDTA of the Aegis Boot. But it would have a great selling point if Vandy Vape had offered it directly, even increasing the base price of the kit.

    Am I going to buy it? To be honest, why not, but I’m waiting to see more RDTA reviews of this Pod Jackaroo kit. Because I do not see myself vape with pre-made coils, although I am 100% reconstructable. My Jester Pod is still venerable and loyal, but it is starting to age. Now, if Vandy Vape is going through there and wants to send me this Jackaroo pod in RDTA version, then I would love to do a review.

    The Jackaroo mod was a thorn at the feet of the Aegis range and one can think that this Jackaroo Pod kit could have a say in the concept of the foolproof pod. On paper, he has what it takes to be successful.

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