What will be the face of vaping industry in 2022?

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  • The shadow of TPD, the European plan to beat cancer, but obviously the legalization of Chinese vaping industry will be the biggest impact in this sector for 2022.

    The shadow of TPD, the European plan to beat cancer, but obviously the legalization of Chinese vaping industry will be the biggest impact in this sector for 2022.

    The year 2021 ends with a field of ruin for vaping. 2021 gave us the opportunity to see the destruction of the American vaping with the ban on deliveries by USPS, but also the multiple vaping laws. Systematic and automatic PMTA rejections for any vaping product except Big Tobacco.

    The first half of 2021 was dominated by the shortage of raw materials like PG, VG and nicotine. The demand for nicotine had exploded, especially because of Chinese vape makers who had decided that the vape trend in 2021 would be pre-filled disposable pods. What a disgusting vape for all that we can do with it. 2021 was a year of transition, of disillusionment, but also of stagnation.

    The crisis among Chinese vape manufacturers, due to the closure of many vape shops and the decline of the American vaping, has created a concentration of the sector with the big mammoths who have bought lots of small companies. In Europe, the year 2021 has been dominated by the shadow of TPD with the ban on flavors, massive taxation and other stupidities to destroy vaping.

    And honestly, 2022 won’t be better for vaping, but we hope it won’t be worse.


    The year 2021 almost gave us a TPD which is as dangerous as the PMTA, but for the moment, its application is postponed until 2023. Even if the vapers cry victory, it must be understood that all the directives to destroy vaping were keeped. The EU is going to use the WHO framework to ban vaping and its scientific conclusions are based on the SHEER report which is a mountain of anti-vaping feces.

    This bitch from the European Commission probably wanted to drown the fish by delaying the TPD for a few years in order to make it pass on the sly. Because the lobbying of pro-vaping, especially the British has worked well. It should also be understood that the Commission will do what the countries under Germanic influence tell it. Germany? Taxation of vaping. The Netherlands ? Ban on flavors. And these are measures already in place.

    2023 is going to be a pivotal year, because several things will collide. The WHO FCTC, its framework against smoking, risks destroying vaping once and for all in 2023. In 2023, you also have the United Kingdom which will show its pro-vaping measures, with prescription electronic cigarettes and better recognition of vaping by UK healthcare workers.

    The European plan to beat cancer

    In my book, I said that if the Commission fails to ban vaping with TPD, then it will do so through the European Plan to Beat Cancer. And this Plan is not a simple directive, but a real law which covers all the Member States. This means that it should be applied without any possible modification at the national level. And we have the same nonsense, prohibition of aromas and taxation of the vaping in the same way as the cigarette.

    In addition, the change of the German government with the Greens who are part of the coalition will give ammunition against the vape. German greens are completely anti-vaping and the same is true for French greens. So that doesn’t bode well. Organizations like the World Vapers Alliance try to lobby, but it can only reach parliament. Parliament never decides anything, you have to intervene directly with the Commission.

    In addition, one of the fiercest anti-vape sluts, Michèle Rivasi, is an integral part of this European Plan to beat cancer, it’s like putting on a vegan to promote a butcher’s section in the supermarket! But greens are as cowardly as they are parasitic, so they’re not going to dare destroy the vape by looking it straight in the eye. On the other hand, they will suffocate it little by little, like a Waterboarding technique, to disgust people with vaping by making it too expensive and totally useless.

    Unfortunately, member states have no power over the European Commission, which itself is ruled by Eternal Germany and its lackeys.

    The legalization of Chinese vaping industry

    But for me, the most important vaping event of 2022 will be the legalization of Chinese vaping by the Chinese government. This will have major ramifications in terms of prices, but also on the purification of the sector. Very little is known about the proposed legislation, but we do know that there will be a compulsory license for manufacturers and sellers of vaping products and that the Chinese want better security on mods with or without integrated batteries.

    It is not known how much the license will cost, but its objective is twofold and can be positive. The first is to avoid the emergence of nowhere out-of-the-box vaping companies that throw crappy products on the market and get away with the money! The license will mean that companies will have to show their paws, that they will have to guarantee long-term reliability and better safety of the product.

    Before this legalization of Chinese vaping, the industry was a real Wild West where everyone did what they wanted. You could start a vape business in a few days and promote your products on social media. That’s why, well-known vaping brands like RELX, Aspire or Smok have greeted this news with a smile.

    Because for them, it means less competition from small vape companies. Innovation could take a bit of a blow, of course, but compared to the blessing of no longer having crappy vaping companies, it’s a real breakthrough. For several years now, China has wanted to follow Europe on maximum nicotine levels and I think that’s stupid (because you should never follow the European Union on anything).

    So, China could limit its nicotine level to 20 mg which is going to have huge impacts on companies like Hiliq. This legalization of Chinese vaping is also symmetrical. This means that this law will be valid for foreign vaping companies who want to enter the Chinese market. And this Chinese vaping market is one of the largest in the world with more than 10 million vapers.

    The consequence of the legalization of Chinese vaping for consumers will be an increase in prices. The price of the license and the costs of following safety standards are likely to increase the price of vaping devices by around 15-20%. Thus, if we spend 40 dollars today for a double battery mod, then we will have to spend 50 or 55 dollars from the second half of 2022. This legalization of the Chinese vaping will happen in the first half of the year 2022 and that will be felt in its second half.

    It will also create concentrations of companies where we will have a few vaping mammoths who will have a monopoly of the sector. And the Chinese government is still used to following this strategy. Adopt a “laissez-faire” policy in a sector, then create a few giants to control them in turn. This avoids unpleasant surprises by small businesses that are out of Beijing’s control.

    For me, this is good news. Because if the Chinese government has taken the trouble to regulate this sector, it means that it has a certain financial weight, that it is starting to see vaping in its country and that it will not behead it like the West has been doing this since 2019.


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