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  • Chansflavor is a Chinese site that offers nicotine in the form of freebase and nicotine salts. Unfortunately, it does not ship worldwide.

    Chansflavor is a Chinese site that offers nicotine in the form of freebase and nicotine salts. Unfortunately, it does not ship worldwide.

    Chansflavor is quite a well-known site for DIY e-liquid enthusiasts. It mainly offers nicotine, but we have different capacities and levels of nicotine. It’s also the only online seller that offers pure nicotine, but be careful when using it. If you don’t know what pure nicotine is and how dangerous it is, then you should never buy it. Just take the basic nicotine which is very suitable and which will also allow you to save money.

    The products offered by Chansflavor

    As mentioned, Chansflavor mainly offers nicotine. Freebase nicotine in 100% PG or VG. You also have nicotine salts available in 100% PG or VG. For maximum levels, you have 100 mg for nicotine salts and 200 mg for nicotine freebase. If you are afraid of handling high-dose nicotine, then Chansflavor offers levels ranging from 36 to 200 mg which allows you to have a good DIY basics without taking too many risks.

    Chansflavor is a Chinese site that offers nicotine in the form of freebase and nicotine salts. Unfortunately, it does not ship worldwide.

    The pure nicotine from Chansflavor is really a bonus since to my knowledge there is no one offering it. But be careful, just one drop of pure nicotine on your skin and you will die. To be able to use it, you must have a special installation with ventilation systems, but also a complete suit with full face mask, reinforced gloves, etc. Again, just one drop is enough.

    In fact, I’ve been around pure nicotine before and even its fumes, when you open the vial, can be problematic. In short, for 99.99% of vapers, never buy pure nicotine. This is useful for professionals or for those who make e-liquids in tens of liters to sell it under cover or otherwise.

    The quality of nicotine from Chansflavor

    You could say that because Chansflavor is Chinese, its nicotine is not good. In fact, this is a very well known site and the quality of its nicotine is more than adequate. In fact, user reviews are unanimous, for the price it is quite playable. Afterwards, if you can find nicotine near you, it is better.

    The aromas of Chansflavor

    Although known for its nicotine, Chansflavor also offers flavors. They are not well-known brands, but you have greedy, fruity, mint and drink aromas. They are not really expensive since 30ml will cost you around 4 dollars. Afterwards, I have not tested them and I do not know what they are worth.

    Chansflavor is a Chinese site that offers nicotine in the form of freebase and nicotine salts. Unfortunately, it does not ship worldwide.

    But if you are really a vaper on a very tight budget, you can also grab a few vials and stock up for several years. And to complete the picture, Chansflavor also offers PG / VG, it’s kind of hidden on the site under the “ingredient” tab. The maximum capacity is 1 liter for a price around 10 dollars. This means that Chansflavor offers everything you need to prepare your DIY e-liquids from a to z.

    Chansflavor prices

    Below, the different prices of nicotine by Chansflavor. I took 100 mg of nicotine as a starting point.

    • Nicotine freebase 100 mg in 250 ml – $ 35.70
    • Nicotine freebase 100 mg in 1 L – $ 109
    • Nicotine Salts in 100mg at 50ml – $ 16 (Actually it’s $ 15, but there is $ 1 more if you take the base in PG and you should always favor the PG for its ease of use )
    • Nicotine Salts 100 mg to 1 L – $ 215
    • Pure Nicotine 10 ml – $ 63.14
    • Pure Nicotine in 1 L – $ 964

    This obviously excludes the shipping costs. And honestly, Chansflavor’s prices are some of the lowest around. Because in Europe or the United States, the nicotine salts in 100 mg exceed the 50 dollars for the 100 ml whereas here, one can take two vials of 50 ml for 30 dollars in total. Nicotine Freebase is even cheaper since it’s $ 36 for 250ml. Obviously, pure nicotine is very expensive, but again, this is for a very specific audience.

    Chansflavor shipping

    This is where the problem with Chansflavor is that it does not offer worldwide shipping. As I said in my reviews on other vape sites, I am doing tests against my country, Madagascar. And Chansflavor doesn’t deliver here. But it delivers its products to Europe and the United States. It uses carriers like Fedex, Aramex, TNT or the post office.


    Chansflavor is a great site if you’re looking for cheap nicotine. It offers all types of nicotine and if you have the taste for risk, you can even have pure nicotine. Be careful, however, to check the laws of your country before buying nicotine abroad. A lot of times it goes through the cracks, but if you are caught importing an illegal substance then it can become problematic.

    The only bad point I give Chansflavor is that it doesn’t ship worldwide. But maybe it’s linked to Madagascar which, in recent times, has struggled to manage its logistics and international freight.

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