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  • Nicbase is an American site that mainly offers to buy nicotine at different rates. Small tour of its catalog.

    Nicbase is an American site that mainly offers to buy nicotine at different rates. Small tour of its catalog.

    Nicbase is a little different site than the usual ones. We are used to review DIY sites that offer nicotine, but also PG / VG. Nicbase only offers nicotine and Shortfills. These last ones, I did not understand their interest, because it is just a mixture of PG / VG without nicotine and aromas.

    The products offered by Nicbase

    But an interesting approach from Nicbase is that it offers nicotine levels ranging from 3 up to 100 mg and a capacity ranging from 120 ml up to 5 gallons (approximately 18 liters). On other sites, we only have one level available, so Nicbase allows everyone to do DIY without taking too much trouble. If you are used to vaping in 6 mg, then you buy 1 or 2 liters and you will have to add the flavors of your choice.

    And since Nicbase offers both freebase and salt nicotine, then you can have a small supply, both for DL ​​and MTL vaping. The nicotine provided by the site is manufactured by Delosi Labs and is an American company known in the industry for its good quality pharmaceutical standard nicotine.

    Nicbase is an American site that mainly offers to buy nicotine at different rates. Small tour of its catalog.

    Nicotine freebase, you can buy it in 100% PG or VG. And we always recommend taking the 100% PG, because it is easier to handle. In contrast, nicotine salts are available in 100% VG and 50-50 PG / VG. A 100% VG nicotine is identical to its PG counterpart except that it is very viscous and therefore difficult for novices to handle.

    The 50-50 mixture could be interesting, but know that a nicotine liquid at 50-50, even without aroma, is already an e-liquid, which means that the oxidation of its nicotine will be faster than that in 100% PG or VG.

    The prices

    Nicbase’s prices remain within the market average. A liter of 100 mg freebase nicotine costs $ 77 while a liter of nicotine salts costs $ 93. Except that you will benefit from the dollar if you are used to buying your nicotine in Europe or England.

    Shipping at Nicbase

    But it was the shipping that prompted me to review Nicbase, because on its shipping page it says it can deliver to virtually anywhere in the world. And these are promises that I like from a site. But beware, the shipping of Nicbase costs a fortune, because it uses UPS. So for a liter of nicotine at 77 dollars, the shipping costs are 75 dollars!

    To test I took 4 gallons of nicotine salts (about 15 liters), the shipping cost was $ 337. I do not know how these fees are calculated because they do not seem consistent to me. Obviously, these high shipping costs concern my hometown which is at the other end of the world, Madagascar, if you live in Europe or Canada, then they will undoubtedly be lower. So the delivery, when you buy your nicotine online, is very expensive, but as I always say, it becomes more and more difficult to get nicotine online and sometimes, it will be necessary to spend a lot to make good stocks.

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