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  • The electronic cigarette is DRUUUUGGG !!!

    In recent weeks, the news of the vape was scorching and depressing. Not a single breeze of freshness on the horizon. Thus, in India, the authorities want to consider the electronic cigarette as drugs. This would ban them completely.

    The Indian authorities have based their claims on a rotten study, but have drawn their own conclusions. Well, of course, it’s all about the money. The smoking rate in India is 12 % and this represents nearly 120 million people. The tax revenues from smoking are monstrous, but if we were to rely on these Indian jocks, we must also ban the nicotine patches and the majority of vegetables that contain nicotine naturally.

    The PMTA for May 12, 2020 for a farewell to the American independent vape?

    We have already talked about the PMTA, the FDA directive that wants to destroy the independent vape to give Big Tobacco a monopoly and predators like JUUL to protect young people. The official date is May 12, 2020. All manufacturers of e-liquids, atomizers, mods and kits will have to go through the PMTA knowing that the certification of a single product ranges from $ 100,000 to $ 400,000. In other words, 99% of manufacturers will close their doors immediately. The only ones approved at the moment are Big Tobacco’s heat-not-burn tobacco products. My prophecy is that in 5 years, the most popular vape product will be IQOS.

    But what is likely to happen is going to disrupt the American authorities. It is the compliance’s fallacy that has occurred with PDT. This fallacy states that when you vote for a law to protect something or someone, then it will have the opposite effect because the law is too stupid. The vape is totally forbidden in Australia and the Australian vapers are buying exclusively abroad. On the one hand, it prevents the emergence of a national vape economy, but most importantly, we have the risks of consumers who buying from suppliers whose quality can not be verified.

    Shops and American sites will close or reduce what is on their shelves. But American vapers will be buying directly from FastTech, GearBest or Sourcemore or any Chinese site. Of course, there will be a customs check, but it would surprise me that they manage to control each package. The safety net of the PMTA will be so holed that many things will pass through. This means that Chinese sellers will have access to the US market without any competition.

    We are talking here about individual purchases. It’s means that vaping will be banned, but americans will always get their vaping’s products from foreign markets. Regarding e-liquids, it will be more complicated. But there are Chinese companies that offer e-liquids as well. We can mention Hiliq or HSmok. Hiliq offers directly nicotine liquids while HSmok offers Strong (a term for very high nicotine levels up to 250 mg and must be handled with extreme caution). Basically, a crappy law will create a crappy situation. Thank you Gottlieb!

    Scott Gottlieb joins Pfizer and Champix

    I love Scott Gottlieb. It’s the kind of little crook crap that only the United States has the genius to breed in their population. It looks like a kind of mixture between a Braden MacBeth, an Martin McKee who bathed in a bath of nicotine patches, sprinkled by pug barking. It’s a patriotic act to hate this scum.

    Scott Gottlieb is the former boss of the FDA who has demonized the vaping during the last two years and who invented from scratch, the epidemic of young Americans of the vape. And in general, all FDA bosses join Big Pharma after being sacked. Gottlieb was fired by Trump. So it was no wonder that Gottlieb announces that he will join Pfizer.

    The concern is that he will join Pfizer’s Chantix division. And there, we start to raise the eyebrows. That an FDA guy, has spent his entire term demonizing the vaping and a few weeks after his departure, he joins a product that directly competes with the vape. I am an outstanding scientific popularizer, but for me, it’s a smelling of corruption in all sides. Chantix is ​​sold as a miracle drug against smoking with a success of 82 %. And that’s true, studies show it. But the side effects of Chantix include suicidal tendencies, nightmares, depression.

    How do you say: Between the choice of suicide and the fag, I choose the fag. And the side effects are many of the Champix when we look at some studies on Google Scholar. Knowing that in France, we have a public study that will test the effectiveness of the vaping against the Champix. And the vaping will lose since its efficiency is around 15 % while the Champix rises to 80 %. But hey, no one committed suicide with the vape … unless he bought himself a Kayfun GTR and a Box Asmodus Kodama to realize that he has nothing left for rent.

    Tax, tax, tax and the mafia of e-liquids in France!

    If the demonization of the vape does not work, then you have to go to the tax, tax and tax. We already have Vermont, the state of dumbs, which has just voted a 92 % tax on products of the vape. And that’s double that of the fag. Ohio, the State of wheat and degenerates people, is considering taxing e-liquids at $ 0.10 per ml for wholesaling. At the end of the chain, the e-liquids would increase by 100%. For the moment, it is under discussion, but the vaping will become even more expensive which will mechanically exclude the poor since they are the ones who smoke the most.

    A special mention to France where we have a real mafia e-liquid after the TPD. The manufacturers have agreed on prices and that’s why each bottle of 10 ml costs 5.90 euros. The cost of production is less than 1 euros … Calculate the percentage margin of these assholes. The excuse is not to confusing the consumer.

    But it’s better to have variable prices if your shit molecule, which no one has asked you at the base, costing a fortune rather than ripping everyone off, because the French manufacturers of e-liquids are enriching themselves on the backs of smokers. I prefer Big Tobacco or Big Pharma. At least, hypocrisy does not transpire through all the pores of their skin. So if you can buy abroad, do it.

    Everyone wants the death of vaping. And one of the main enemies of the vape is the industry of the vape. Maybe legislation by scoundrels like Gottlieb is a good thing, because it helps purge the sector. I do not care, I can buy liquids abroad and even Strong even there are more risk in it.

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