Vaping in China: What will happen with the new measures

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  • The new regulations on Chinese vaping will create tsunamis at the national and international level. But the news remains positive for the international.

    The new regulations on Chinese vaping will create tsunamis at the national and international level. But the news remains positive for the international.

    We have preliminary information on what will be the face of Chinese vaping under Beijing’s new regulations. These new rules are set by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (SMTA), the body that manages the entire tobacco and tobacco industry in China.

    Among the new rules:

    • Only pre-filled and closed pods will be allowed throughout Chinese territory
    • Only nicotine derived from tobacco is allowed
    • The purity of the nicotine should not be less than 99%
    • Taxes for making vape devices will have to be paid daily
    • Foreign companies will not be able to sell vaping devices in China unless licensed
    • Vape makers encouraged to expand their overseas markets

    It is Chinese protectionism, which has made its power and wealth, that we see at work in these rules. The fact that throughout China only pre-filled and sealed pods will be allowed, ensures that the Chinese government is enjoying 100% vaping. It is he who will supply the manufacturers with nicotine, and synthetic nicotine is prohibited. Normal, it is Americans who use synthetic nicotine to exploit a legal loophole in PMTA.

    Plus, the requirement for 99% pure nicotine ensures that it will be of excellent quality, because quite frankly, Chinese nicotine often has both odor and color. Now it is over and ultimately it will allow China to offer some of the best nicotine in the world.

    The vape maker will need to have a Chinese tax representative and the tax will be collected after each production day. I don’t quite understand this measure, but I think it is in a broader perspective. China is getting very aggressive on tax collection and wants to make sure every tax is paid correctly.

    The aim of the new Chinese vaping measures is to destroy all foreign products for the Chinese market and to favor only local products. On the other hand, China encourages its manufacturers to develop their oversea markets without virtually any limitation. The limit of 20 mg of nicotine is foreseen and it will be applied to all products sold on Chinese territory without exception.

    Some believe that Chinese exhibitions like the IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo no longer have any meaning since no foreigner will be able to promote their products without a license. In fact, he can, but he will have to follow Chinese law to the letter. And protectionism will make the authorities complicate the task of foreign companies and facilitate that of local companies.

    Honestly, if these new rules are passed as is, it’s not that bad. Because it’s true that for Chinese vapers, it’s a bit of shit since only pods will be allowed. On the other hand, there is no massive taxation or ban on flavors. In fact, flavors such as coffee, vanilla, cocoa or fruit extract will be allowed.

    In short, this legalization of Chinese vaping shows what a sovereign vaping should be. Manufacture everything locally, tax foreign products and guarantee the safety of the products sold to consumers from start to finish. These new measures also show the difference in skills between Chinese and Western elites. Admittedly, they are restrictive, but they have been carefully chosen to both develop the Chinese vaping market internationally while being a draconian requirement on local products.

    When we see the stupidity of the European and American elites to ban vaping at all costs, we can take our hat off to the Chinese!

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