Death because of the vaping ? Digiflavors leaves the vaping sector and Hype exaggerated and misleading on the CBD

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  • Media delirium around a death because of the vaping. Digiflavors leaves the vape, showing a consolidation of the sector by the big ones.
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    1 death because of death? That nay

    This past week, the American anti-vaping continues its attacks as sneaky as dishonest. As of August 2019, several patients have been admitted to Wisconsin hospitals for lung, cough, and respiratory problems. Nothing special about it, but the CDC immediately mentioned that the patients had declared that they were vaping. And as we know these geniuses that are our media, they associated both.

    Knowing that the CDC simply reports the words of patients. But they forgot that all the patients also said that they had vaped THC oil, so cannabis, directly with devices that they had tampered with themselves.

    The CDC is guilty because he says himself that he can not make any direct link between the devices, the inhaled substance and the pulmonary symptoms, so why cite the vaping knowing that the media have deleted the word THC and citing only vaping.

    Of course, with the current trend of legalizing cannabis around the world, it would be a bad thing that inhaling cannabis can kill you. Keep in mind that regular cannabis use destroys short-term memory. Not only that, but other reports mention that cannabis itself came from the black market.

    And we demonize the vape. It’s as if you buy a Ford car, you put illegal drugs from the black market and you consume it and die by overdose. And the next day, the media would tell us that we must ban all Ford cars! It has been years since the vaping is demonized, but we reach peaks of fundamentalism and absolute delusions. What saddens me the most is that scientists and doctors are the most bitter behind the anti-vaping scene in the United States. This kind of shit can drive you in conspiracy and anti-science.

    Digiflavors leaves the vape, is bought by GeekVape

    After OFRF which is bought by Wotofo and who will focus on the CBD, we have Digiflavors who is bought by GeekVape and so, we have one more brand that leaves the vape sector. In China, you get the impression that there are many brands, but in fact, only a few big companies have dozens of sub-brands.

    OFRF has always belonged to Wotofo and we knew that Geekvape was behind Digiflavors. But that remains a sad new because Digiflavors is behind one of the best MTL RTA in the market with the Siren 2 and there will be none anymore. This is not the best in flavor, because you can always find better, but its versatility and ease was exceptional.

    It also means that the Chinese know that the vaping trend slows down. They are afraid of the anti-vaping in the United States and they will reduce the sails considerably. We will only have a few big groups that will swing the same shits all day long. We will see other buybacks in the coming months. We also have anti-vaping legislation coming to China that should scare these companies.

    Because if you’re Chinese, then you can not care about European or American laws. But you piss in your pants if you are subject to Chinese law. Folks in Beijing, they beheading first and then they ask if you’re guilty. This consolidation of the sector can also be explained by the PMTA. Being a large company can afford to pay 100,000 to 500,000 to certify a single product. But knowing the Chinese skullduggery, I’m sure they will go through the Trojan horse of the CBD.

    The strength of CBD is that it is an extremely light substance. So, a standard RTA can use CBD or nicotine liquid altogether. Chinese companies will promote their products, only for CBD, to avoid PMTA and thus still offer their products in the United States. But it would be amazing if the FDA lets them do it. And speaking of the CBD …

    Exaggerations and lies about the CBD in vape

    CBD is one of the 100 components of cannabis. And it has shown some effectiveness in reducing or relieving the symptoms of epilepsy. And that’s all. No other disorder has been tested for CBD whether it is pain or multiple sclerosis. Secondly, we are talking about CBD oil, at no time, current science advises to vape CBD. Maybe it works, but maybe it’s just a placebo effect.

    Nature has published a fairly complete article on the CBD. And Nature is anti-vape to death, but on the CBD, he leaves the benefit of the doubt. CBD can be effective on other diseases, but randomized, double-blinded clinical trials are sorely lacking. So, everything you see on the CBD on vape shops is more or less false.

    In addition, CBD is very poorly metabolized by the body. Very high doses must be used to have an effect, which causes side effects such as diarrhea or gastric problems. It must be consumed at least 1 gram to have the benefits. But your body will only be able to absorb 4 to 6 % of what you consume. The majority is expelled before he can make an impact. I’m not against the CBD, but avoid mixing sheep and cows and do not give extra ammunition to the current anti-vaping.

    Philip Morris and Altria plan merger

    The two tobacco giants Philip Morris and Altria plan a new merger 10 years after their separation. It is only at the stage of discussion for the moment, but if this merger is realized, it is Philip Morris who would be the majority with 57 % of the capital.

    This new juggernaut would weigh 200 billion dollars for an annual turnover of 55 billion dollars. A nice money. Smoking is attacked from all sides and Philip Morris and Altria also want to invest in the vaping, which knows an unprecedented development, despite the sticks in the wheels of the CDC.

    Altria does not have a dedicated product of Heat-not-nurn, but Philip Morris has conquered several countries with his IQOS. The latter has significantly reduced smoking in Japan. This would give it a good strike force to buy other e-cigarette companies. The so-called vaping good guys hates Big Tobacco, but for me, everything is good to avoid the fag.

    IQOS works well and tobacco giants know that their future will be through Heat-not-nurn or e-cigarettes. Having an actor with such deep pockets makes it possible to fight on equal terms with the government. Yes, Big Tobacco wants to get its hands on the vape, but governments want to ban it. Make your choice, comrades.

    In addition, the decline in smoking is active in the West, but in Asia and Africa, Altria and Philip Morris are happy, because governments thank them for all the taxes that smoking bring to them.

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