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  • With the certainty of vaping bans in the world, it is time to enter into resistance and for vaping to return to what it was originally, an underground and decentralized sector.

    We tried, we did everything they asked. We obeyed all their laws, even though we knew it was shit. And they don’t want to know anything. They want to ban vaping by all means. They want to continue to bow down to Big Pharma, continue to pocket Big Tobacco’s delicious taxes, and they want to remain fundamentalist anti-vape puritans. They don’t want to listen to reason.

    I think it’s time to get into the vaping resistance, to become resistance in our own way. They don’t want a legal sector that brings money to the state? So let’s create an underground and completely clandestine network, spiraling out of control. It was the case with vaping during its early years and it worked well. Vape has spread despite the demonization of the media, by word of mouth.

    In all countries where vaping is prohibited, create local networks. Use platforms like Whatsapp or Telegram to create informal groups. Nicotine is the sinews of war in this vape. If every group, in every group, can secure regular deliveries of high-level nicotine, then that is already part of the victory. They can’t ban devices from China, they can’t ban batteries, they can’t ban flavorings since they’re used in food.

    PG and VG are easier to find and they can’t be banned either. But they can ban nicotine. Everything else, we can manage. There are a few nicotine companies in China that can offer quality nicotine at a good price. By dint of buying from these companies, we can create an entirely underground sector. If Western suppliers want to play along, to sell undercover, they are welcome.

    But it’s enough, the negotiations, the arguments, the presentation of scientific studies, we have been doing it for 10 years and they do not care. They don’t want the vaping? So he will get by without them. Of course, all resistance involves sacrifices and human victims. Inexperienced vapers who buy their doses of liquids and coils in vape shops are doomed to give up vaping, return to the cigarette or gain experience to become a more independent vaper. Learning the rebuildable, owning a few spools of wire, some cotton, and you’ve already gained independence.

    The beauty of vaping is that the whole industry depends on a few things that everyone can get in their corner, apart from nicotine. They cannot ban wires. Cotton, if necessary, use the one from pharmacies, I have done this several times. There is no shortage of rebuildable atomizers. And there is no shortage of international sales sites as well.

    The resistance, the network, so many structures that are invulnerable to state and centralized controls.

    The Inconvenient Vaping

    Understanding the political and ideological issues against electronic cigarettes

    Vaping is a smoking cessation tool, but it is under attack from all sides. If you think electronic cigarettes are dangerous or don’t work, then this book will change your mind.

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