To the anti-vaping assholes of Canada

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  • It is difficult to take Canada seriously. People who talk about caribou and maple syrup still show signs of civilizational fatigue. But when we talk about the health authorities, then we reach heights of stupidity that are difficult to reach, even among the most degenerate of Mongolians.

    So Health Canada, which manages health in this wonderful country, has decided to ban e-liquid flavors and limit nicotine to 20 mg. The usual excuse for these assholes is to fight vaping among young people. Knowing that vaping does not cause any disease, is not toxic and the only effect is that the teenager will look like a locomotive.

    But you can’t expect honesty from Canada and a Trudeau who is used to matching his socks to his costume. Since CETA, the free trade agreement between Europe and Canada, the latter has been lying face down in front of the Europeanist authorities, copying and pasting all the directives. But after all, between corrupt monkeys, it’s no wonder.

    We also avoid mentioning the fact that Health Canada has been Big Pharma’s biggest whore for years. The revolving door, the retro-commissions, the increase in drug prices, the organization has swallowed, with a good deep throat, all the snakes of Big Pharma.

    To stubborn donkeys and monkeys from Healt Canada, this flavor ban and the nicotine limit will explode in your face as has been the case in Europe. The black market will develop at full speed and above all, it is enough to cross the American border to have 1 liter of nicotine at 50 bucks.

    You could say the border will be well guarded, let’s not joke about these things. The Canadian border is as well protected as Monica Lewinski’s panties in the Clinton era, everything passes and slips like white cream. Canadian vapers might rebel, but you can’t do it with rhetoric.

    We must shout at the face of Health Canada and parliamentarians who dare to vote this shit, that they are only assholes of the worst kind, doubled as sons and fathers of stupid degenerates and that in the next election, you will expel them with a good beating in their mouth.

    Against anti-vaping, you have to tear their heads off and throw the guts around so that they understand. Be nice and they continue to fuck you happily.

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